Lightning Damage Claims Orlando

Florida is the leading state for homeowner’s insurance claims caused by lightning strikes since it experiences the maximum number of thunderstorms with heavy rains and strong winds.

Orlando is synonymous with theme parks, fun rides and adrenaline-pumping adventure. People come here from all over the world to experience its wonder, however, the inhabitants of the city are well aware of natural calamities like hurricanes, thunderstorms and lightning that occur during the summer months. Lightning causes electrical waves to flow from the clouds to the ground and should this fall upon your home and property it can completely burn it down. Lightning is potentially dangerous as it travels along with your home’s wiring system and destroys all your electronics and electrical appliances that are plugged in. You must remember to ask a qualified electrician to carry out an insulation resistance test called the  MegOhm test that tells you if your home is safe to live in after a lightning strike.

So, if you’re living in Orlando, it’s always a good idea to purchase a good home insurance policy to protect your cherished home. Understand the finer details of your insurance coverage including the perils that are covered. Lightning damage is risky and the insurance claim process is quite arduous. If you proactively safeguard your home from potential lightning disasters by installing a lightning protection system and a surge protector, chances are that your insurance company may offer you a discount on the premium. Generally speaking, insurance adjusters try to limit their company’s pay-out by setting apart the damage related to lightning-caused fire from the damage caused by normal electrical overload. This can cause you unnecessary stress so it’s best to leave this matter to the experts! Experienced Public Adjusters is a reputed adjusting firm in Orlando, known for its expertise in dealing with insurance claims for the benefit of its clients.

You may wonder why choose Experienced Public Adjusters?

Firstly, we are local and easily accessible. Our offices are located in Downtown Orlando, near The City of Orlando Courthouse and government building a few blocks away from Lake Eola. We have a skilled team of adjusters licensed by the state Department of Finance. Our team is well-trained and updated with current information on insurance, property matters, state statutes, building codes, and construction costs. If required we call in experts from other fields like legal, accountants, architects, and engineers. We keep your interests above everything and our objective is to get you a just settlement within the maximum amount available as per your policy limit.

Once you hire us, we are with you from the beginning of the claims process until you receive a favorable settlement. We are present on-site when the insurance adjuster visits your home for an inspection. We engage with the insurance inspector, clarifying his doubts, answering his questions, taking photographs, preparing detailed notes, making a list of all your destroyed possessions, studying the clauses of your policy, completing the required paperwork, and in the end preparing a water-tight claim to obtain a just settlement for you.

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