Lightning Damage Claims Daytona Beach

According to the National Weather Service, on an annual basis, lightning strikes cause around 25,000 fires, including house and forest fires.

Daytona Beach is blessed with hard-packed sandy beaches that have been home to motor racing aficionados for the longest time. Today, Daytona Beach proudly houses the Daytona International Speedway, the Florida Tennis Center, and the U.S. headquarters of LPGA and NASCAR. If you live in Daytona Beach you should be aware that during the summer months, when it’s warm and rainy, lightning and thunderstorms are quite common. The tropical winds blowing from the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico to the East of Florida create these thunderstorms, which is why Florida is often referred to as the ‘Lightning Capital’ of the U.S. 

Lightning is a powerful force of nature that can never be taken lightly. While the glimmering ocean, beautiful white beaches and luxuriant natural surroundings make for an ideal living in Daytona Beach, do safeguard your home with a good homeowner’s insurance policy that includes coverage for natural calamities like storms, lightning, wind, hail etc as well as other perils like theft, vandalism, leaking pipes, power outages etc. 

Besides purchasing a homeowner’s policy, you need to invest in lightning protection systems, a surge protector, and a sprinkler system. These protect your home from being burned down, and in case of lightning, you can negotiate a lower premium or credits with your insurance company. Lightning causes the air to heat and expand and as these shock waves hit your roof, they find conductors of electricity like wiring or pipes through which they rapidly spread and destroy your home. Unless a professional electrical engineer conducts a MegOhm test and pronounces your home as safe, please do not take any chances. Remember to always contact a trusted public adjusting firm like Experienced Public Adjusters when you need to file a lightning claim. Let us tell you why!

Lightning claims are quite challenging as insurance companies do not pay for damage to your electronics due to power surges that are not on your premises. Issues like whether the damage is from the lightning surge and if so, are all electronics damaged or some, become contentious. At Experienced Public Adjusters, we have an expert team to address these concerns and if required, we bring in engineers and electronic specialists to assist us. Unless you’re well-prepared with a list of all your equipment and appliances mentioning the damage and the cost, you can count on the insurance adjuster to overlook these. 

Our team of skilled lightning damage public adjusters knows where to look for the damage and how to engage with your insurance company. If required we assist you in obtaining a lightning affidavit from your vendor to prove that the damage was due to the lightning. Commencing from the initial documentation, filling in ‘the proof of loss’ form, interpreting your policy clauses, and negotiating with your insurance company to get you a fair settlement are all part of our services. We are extremely customer-centric and transparent in our dealings.

Contact Experienced Public Adjusters for lightning damage claims in Daytona Beach.