How Do I Know If My Windows Are Wind Impact Resistant?

It is common in many areas of the country for wind storms and hurricanes.

How do I check to see if my windows are impact resistant?

There are certain steps to take to identify impact resistant windows that are made from impact resistant glass:


  • Search for a permanent mark in any of the corners of the glass. The mark will include the manufacturer or supplier’s name, location of fabrication, the specific date it was manufactured, the thickness of the glass, and any special certifications or safety standards usually by an accredited organization that the glass meets.
  • Check the glass for a temporarily placed label by the manufacture. Most sheets of impact resistant glass will contain a permanent mark in the corners, but sometimes the glass may have been cut in a way necessary that excludes the mark with the information your looking for. In this less likely circumstance, the manufacturer or possibly the supplier may place a removable label that states the type of glass along with the listed above in the first paragraph explaining a permanent mark.
  • Examine the reflection in the glass from both the exterior and interior. If you still are having trouble finding any permanent or temporary markings or labels on the glass, hold an object up or your hand to the glass and look at the reflection. Impact resistant glass will always contain two sheets of glass, and this object or your hand should see two different reflections.

If you have had wind damage from a storm or hurricane then its always a good idea to consult with an Experienced Public Adjuster.