How Long Does It Take For An Adjuster To Come Out?

How long does it take for an adjuster to come out? You should have a Public Adjuster onsite representing you before the first inspection takes place. That is the most important inspection for the entire claims process. They are only required in Florida to make one payment or deny the claim within 90 days under Florida Statute. 

Y0u will usually be contacted by phone or they will just show up at your home or business within 1-4 days and either company adjuster or an independent adjuster or will come out to investigate the damages as soon as possible. After storms like Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael people waited 1-3 months for an independent or company field adjuster to arrive that was sent by the insurance carer. Some of these adjusters had no experience at all. There is in Florida what is called an emergency adjuster that can be rushed through a few day training courses with no experience that gets sent out in the field and has no idea what they are doing and a lot of them are from out of State just looking to rush around and make quick money. Not to mention they went through 4-5 different desk adjusters assigned to their claim.

Hiring a Public Adjuster is highly recommended for all insurance claims. They will be out to document the damages immediately and an Experienced Public Adjuster will be onsite for all inspection to act as your fiduciary agent.  You need a Public Adjuster to advocate for your best interest for so many reasons. They know how to navigate these dark waters and they know the tactics the insurance companies will use to underpay insurance claims or try to deny coverage for them. They manage the process from start to finish to take the burden of you and your family during a trying time.  This relieves the stress of you knowing that someone is doing everything they can within the language of your policy and the Florida Statutes to get you a fair settlement that brings you back to pre-loss condition. Our goal is to get your business operational again or your home rebuilt again for you and your family.

Florida Statute requires the insurance company to provide 48 hours’ notice before they can send any individual to your property.

Please look up Florida Statute 626.854

You should always have an Experienced Public Adjuster ready to fight for you to help you reach a fair settlement. Call Experienced Public Adjusters today!