How Do I File A Hurricane Claim

How do I file a hurricane insurance claim?

When a hurricane destroys or damages your home or business, filing an insurance claim properly will allow you to rebuild your business home to pre-loss condition or help you stay in business. However, with experienced public adjusting help, you can fight back and win against insurance companies and receive the insurance settlement you deserve.

In order to file a successful insurance claim and reach a fair settlement, you need to promptly act, photograph, document, and hire an Experienced Public Adjuster to advocate for you.

How long do I have to file a hurricane loss insurance claim in Florida? 3 Years!

According to Florida statute 627.70132, if you wish to file a claim, reopened claim, or supplemental claim, under an insurance policy for property damage caused by a hurricane, you are required to do so within 3 years of the date that the storm first made landfall.

What happens if I wait to file my claim? What happens if I did not realize the full extent of the damage right away after a hurricane causes damage to my home or business?

As soon as you notice damage to your home or business after a hurricane, we would advise you to make one phone call first. Call a Public Insurance Adjuster to by your advocate and help with the investigation and documenting of your claim. Your second call once you have evaluated the loss with your public adjuster would be to your insurance company to open an insurance claim. Your public adjuster can protect your rights, communicate with your insurance company, and fight for coverage in order to help you recover the maximum settlement you need to make repairs and rebuild.

If you wait until after the 3-year limit, you will lose your right to file and recover a settlement from an insurance claim. This means that any damage done to your home or business by a hurricane will not be covered and you will not receive an insurance settlement to help you make the proper repairs required to bring your home or business back to pre-loss condition. An Experienced Public Adjuster stands ready to stand beside the insured in order to help them fight and win against their insurance company!

Steps to filing a Florida hurricane damage insurance claim

Some of the steps we recommend in filing an insurance claim include:

  • Call an Experienced Public Adjuster – An experienced public adjuster can protect your rights and help you navigate you through the insurance claims process. More importantly, hiring an experienced public adjuster lets your insurance company know you have an advocate and expert on your side!
  • Open an Insurance Claim – Notify your insurance company as soon as possible that your property was damaged during a storm. A claims adjuster will then be assigned to your claim to investigate and make a coverage decision. Remember that insurance companies are for-profit companies and are in most cases do not have company guidelines in place or the incentive to pay you fairly.
  • Document damage – Document Everything! Photograph Everything! Do not throw anything out! You may need to hire a mitigation company or someone to secure your home to prevent future damages which is your duty after a loss. Be careful what you sign when there is a hurricane. Contractors come from all over the country and can overcharge, sign you to contracts that are not in your best interest, and take your benefits away that are available to you from your insurance company. Your Public Adjuster can help navigate you through these treacherous waters.
  • Recover a Settlement Check – A Public Adjuster will help you recover the compensation you deserve to cover the cost of all the repairs needed to bring you back to pre-loss condition and in some cases up to the building code requirements. Your experienced public adjuster will fight for you to win you the best possible insurance settlement! At Experienced Public Adjusters, our team of public adjusters has been extensively trained to fight and win for you!

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