Florida 25 Percent Rule

Florida 25 Percent Rule!

Have you suffered a loss or roof damage from Wind DamageHail DamageTornado Damage? Falling Object Damage? Hurricane Damage?

What is the Florida 25 Percent Rule?  First, you should consider if the roof is repairable, manufactured still, or can be matched with like-kind or quality.

There are labs that you can send roofing samples for a cost to determine if the roof is manufactured anymore or if the roof can be matched.

You can also have an adjuster or expert perform a brittle test on the roof to determine it repairability.

Both of these are important to consider! Why? If the roof is not able to be repaired,  if it’s not manufactured anymore, or it can’t be matched with like-kind or quality then you do not need to establish that 25% or more is damaged. You only have to prove that the roof was damaged by one of the covered perils in your policy. (Wind Damage, Tornado Damage, Hail Damage, Hurricane Damage, Falling Object Damage)

To read more about the building code that applies to the 25% rule you will need to search the code below:

2017 Florida Building Code 706.1.1

What type of roofing systems does the rule apply to?

  1. Asphalt Roof / Composition Roof
  2. Metal Standing Seam Roof
  3. Concrete Tile Roof
  4. Metal Roof / Aluminum Shake Roof
  5. Wood Shake Roof
  6. Concrete Roof or Clay Tile Roof
  7. Barrel Tile Roof
  8. Vinyl Membrane Roof
  9. Rolled Roof
  10. Flat Roof

2017 Florida Building Code 706.1.1

Many homeowners will be approached by roofing contractors after a storm. BEWARE! They only care about getting you a new roof and they are not legally allowed to negotiate the effective settlement of a claim. They are only supposed to be discussing the scope or the actual damages with your insurance company. What most of them will do is make you sign an Assignment of Benefits contract that takes yours right away to the benefits in your policy. It could take all financial rights away. They could have you sign a Full Assignment of Benefits when they only want to repair your roof but there is water damage in your home. They will leave this contract in place and could leave you with a large financial burden that will not be repaired or covered by your insurance company. They also by doing this assign that the checks get paid directly to them making it impossible to hire a Public Adjuster or in some cases an Attorney to represent you if you have been treated unfairly by the roofing company and or your insurance company.

Experienced Public Adjusters will provide a free insurance claim review if you were underpaid or will also send out an adjuster to provide a free roof inspection and home inspection before you open a claim.

We specialize in helping homeowners and business owners win successful outcomes when they suffer property damage losses. So if you have a new insurance claim, underpaid claim, or denied insurance claim call Experienced Public Adjusters Today! (407) 212-8669