Wind Damage Windermere

Windermere is a small town situated in Orange County in the sunshine state of Florida. It has all the qualities that one ideally wishes for when looking for a place to live and work – plenty of job opportunities, moderate sunny weather, friendly locals, a good community vibe and schools, and a low crime rate. As a resident of Windermere, once you invest in a property, you would want to protect it with a good homeowner’s insurance policy. A comprehensive home insurance policy will protect your home and its contents from most perils, both man-made like theft, vandalism, leaking pipes, electrical damage, etc., and natural calamities like storms, hail, lightning, wind, etc.

Summer in Windermere is quite hot and sultry, with the mercury touching a high of 92 degrees in July. Throughout the summer, you will find rainfall and thunderstorms. Strong gusty winds can cause damage to your home and property. While it’s important to invest in good homeowner’s insurance, it is equally important to take concrete steps to minimize the risk of damage by wind.

Some of these are:

-Employ a storm inspector or roofing contractor to inspect your roof before the windy season. Replace or repair tiles or shingles if required.

-Protect your roof by cutting down tree branches that may be obstructing it and are likely to break and damage your roof.

-Add storm shutters to your windows and reinforce your doors.

-Ensure that no appliance or furniture is lying unattached in your backyard.

As you have taken the trouble to minimize wind damage, the chances are that your insurance provider will view your property favorably in terms of premium discounts. Insurance companies are only interested in making profits, so they do not loosen their purse-strings easily. During the claims process, they try their best to reduce or deny your claim by creating obstacles and looking for reasons to negate your arguments. Instead of getting into protracted discussions with the insurance company, and getting stressed in the bargain, hire a public adjuster.

A good public adjuster in Windermere with experience in wind damage would be Experienced Public Adjusters. We have a select team of professionals licensed by the state Department of Finance. We are proficient not only in matters of insurance but also in all aspects of property management. Winds tend to batter the walls and concrete structures, making them intrinsically weak. Small cracks, if left unattended, can destroy the very foundations of your property’s structure. We, therefore, prefer to be present on-site during the insurance field adjuster’s visit as wind damage can be quite difficult for the uninitiated to observe. Our adjusters have a keen eye for inspecting and noting damages, and we follow set directions to complete tasks according to industry regulations. If required, we call in experts for a second opinion. We do all that it takes to get you a fair settlement of your claim within your policy limits.


For any type of wind damage claim in Windermere, do remember to contact Experienced Public Adjusters!