Wind damage Tampa

Tampa is on the Gulf Coast of Florida and sees its fair share of wind damage from storms. Tampa is a spectacular city with lots of bustling activity that includes high-octane sports, stunning helicopter views, gorgeous natural water parks, walking trails, and the usual multi-cuisine restaurants and shopping to complement it. Tampa is blessed with scenic water bodies, miles and miles of white sand, azure skies, and the green expanse of the Atlantic! It has a tropical climate, and its humid summers are scattered with thunderstorms, lightning, and gusty winds. While the winters are dry, the city is vulnerable to hurricanes during the summer, which has in the past caused widespread damage to the city. One such hurricane damaged the electricity grid leaving the entire city without power!

Most of us know what precautions to take before a wind storm. Cutting down trees, securing windows and doors firmly, keeping garden furniture and implements anchored are some common-sense things that you know all about. You are also aware that in a wind-prone area like Tampa, you need to purchase good homeowner’s insurance to protect your home against the vagaries of nature. But do you know what to do during a windstorm?

Here are some tips:

-First of all, don’t panic! Think of what you need to do.

-If you’re driving, avoid bridges and flyovers. Stop and immediately look for a place to park.

-Park your car in a covered place like a garage or underground parking, away from harm’s way.

-Keep yourself and your family safe by staying in the basement of your home, far from windows and doors, till the storm abates.

Once the storm has passed, you need to first check the damage that it has caused. After ascertaining that all family members are safe, call up your insurance provider to keep them informed. It would be a good idea to call a good public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters in Tampa. In the aftermath of the devastation, it is normal for a person to get dis-oriented. There’s just too much to do, and you’re getting stressed. However, if you’ve hired a public adjuster, then you can heave a sigh of relief! Our expert team at Experienced Public Adjusters will take over the responsibility of the entire claims process from start to finish.

So, how do we do it? Our team makes it a point to visit your home when the insurance company’s field adjuster comes for inspection.  You will be happy to leave this part to our team, who is not only skilled at finding all the damaged areas but is proficient in dealing with the field adjuster’s queries and objections. We assist you in taking photographs of the damage, writing detailed descriptions, checking the clauses of your policy as per the requirements of the insurance company. Wind damage can be dicey as it doesn’t show up during a cursory inspection. Strong winds affect roofs, windows, sidings, and fences in ways that aren’t always obvious. Only an experienced and skilled wind damage public adjuster knows where to look for the damage. We are a team of dedicated public adjusters licensed by the state Department of finance with the primary objective of representing your interests during an insurance claim process.

Contact Experience Public Adjusters to obtain a fair settlement for your wind damage claim in Tampa.