Wind Damage Winter Park

Winter Park is a small suburb of Orlando, known for its eclectic architecture, vibrant art festivals, and world-class museums. Here beautiful, stylish homes abound with individual personalities that range from the traditional cottages, ranches, and mansions to the modern estates with enviable waterfront views and gorgeous landscaping. Rollins College, a liberal arts school, is an intrinsic part of its culture, and whose Crummer School of Business has earned accolades as the premier business school in Florida.

Your privileged home in Winter Park needs to be protected with a good insurance policy. You may wonder why? Well, accidents don’t come with a warning, so it’s always good to be prepared for any eventuality that may be human or natural. A standard homeowner’s insurance policy protects your dwelling, home contents, other structures on your property, provides alternate living arrangements, personal liability, and medical payments. If you opt for a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy, then you receive protection for most perils, and only the exclusions are mentioned. So, it’s important to read and understand the clauses of your policy carefully, including the small print. You don’t want surprises when it’s time to claim for property damage. Since Winter Park is around 25 miles inland from the Atlantic Coast, they do not experience severe storms or hurricanes. However, during July and August, strong winds and rainfall are common in Winter Park.

What should you do if there is widespread destruction due to winds? How do you file a claim? What are the safeguards that you need to take?

  •         Right up first, it is important to exercise caution when there is havoc caused by winds. Upended trees can fall on power lines, and sharp objects hidden in the debris could be hazardous. Even going up on your roof to inspect its condition could be perilous.
  •         Inform your insurance provider and contact a public adjuster at the same time. Take out your insurance policy so that you can check the details of your coverage.
  •         Before filing a claim, take photos and videos of the damaged area. Providing evidence will improve your chances of getting a complete settlement.
  •         Keep notes with a complete description of the damage, the date and time that the damage occurred.
  •         After consulting with your insurance provider, make temporary repairs to keep your home safe. Remove your valuables and important papers from your home and store them with your friends for safe-keeping.

Hiring a public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters can relieve you of a lot of stress. We have a team of experts who take over the entire responsibility of your claim process, leaving you free to normalize your life and take care of your loved ones. We confer with the insurance field adjuster and ensure that he or she takes cognizance of all the damages, including the hidden ones. If expert opinion is required, we may consult a storm inspector. We verify your documents, understand the clauses of your policy and prepare an irrefutable claim. Our main objective is to secure a fair settlement for you within your policy limits. We charge you a percentage of your settlement amount as our fee.

Contact Experienced Public Adjusters in Winter Park for your wind damage claim.