Wind and Hail – Tampa

Tampa is the third-largest city in Florida, situated on its west coast, on Tampa Bay. It is characterized by continuous real estate development and increasing employment opportunities. Some new redevelopment projects like the Peninsularium, an immersive art attraction, the Tampa Water Street project, and various new residential projects like the Tampa Heights Riverfront, Encore Tampa, Eleve 61 are coming up. Tampa was named the ‘most livable city in the U.S. during the U.S Conference of Mayors’ 86th annual meeting in Boston.

Living in a modern, urban and upwardly mobile city like Tampa, purchasing homeowner’s insurance is necessary. A comprehensive policy from a reputed insurance carrier will afford you protection against natural disasters like hurricanes, windstorms, hail and lightning, and other perils like theft, vandalism, pipe leaks, roof damage, etc.  

Since 1960, three major hurricanes (Donna, Charley, and Irma) were slated to make landfall in Tampa. Fortunately, there hasn’t been a direct hit, but the ensuing damage has been tremendous. Storm surges, torrential rains, and high-speed winds make life difficult during the hurricane season. Strong winds tear down constructions, blow off roof-tops, and the buffeting causes structural damage to buildings. Hail roof damage may not be easily visible by the naked eye, so you must get a storm inspector to carry out a professional inspection, or you may be saddled with a problem at a later stage. Sometimes hail affects the longevity of your home’s structure, and at other times it’s merely a cosmetic one, but your insurance adjuster will try to pass off all the damage as cosmetic. The most prudent approach to damage by wind and hail would be to hire a public adjuster to deal with your insurance carrier.

 Insurance companies use various tactics to reduce or deny your insurance claim, one of which may be the time limit to file your claim. Read the fine print on your policy carefully. They may even insist that your roof was damaged due to improper maintenance and not due to the hailstorm or winds. Take pictures of all the hits from the hail that your roof or your AC unit has suffered. And, you should have a public adjuster on the spot when an insurance field adjuster comes visiting.

 Experienced Public Adjusters have an office in Downtown Tampa and handle all types of insurance claims. Our team of professional public adjusters has the knowledge and expertise in dealing with wind and hail claims. During your time of crisis, we support you completely. Leave all the details of collecting documents, photos, filling up forms and creating a claim, to us. We shall ensure that your property is thoroughly inspected for all the damage caused by the wind and hail, and we will engage with your insurance adjuster. Until the time that you receive your rightful claim within the limits of your policy, we shall be at your service.

In Tampa, for any type of wind and hail damage claim, remember Experience Public Adjusters is your ‘go to’ public adjuster.