Wind and Hail: Daytona Beach

The city of Daytona Beach is located on the east coast of Florida and sits on the Atlantic Ocean, divided into two parts by the Halifax River lagoon. Like all coastal cities, its climate is cool and dry during the winter months and warm and wet during the summer months. While Daytona Beach does not experience severe hurricanes as compared to other parts of Florida, it does have its fair share of thunderstorms.

 When warm tropical winds flow in from the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico, they cause thunderstorms and rainfall. Sometimes this is accompanied by gusty winds and hail. If the size of the hailstones is large, they can damage airplanes, crops, and buildings. Even small hailstones have the potential to damage the roof of your precious home, whether it’s made of metal or shingles. The damage may not be immediately evident, but over time, the dents develop into cracks and leaks. That is why wind and hail make a lethal combination.

Strong winds that come barrelling can blow off your roof, rattle your windows and shake up the very structure of your house. What is worse is that after the wind has subsided, it is difficult for you to notice the dents and havoc that the wind created. Hail can even batter at your roof and break glass panes.

As a layperson, you may find yourself in a quandary. While you know that there has been some damage and the insurance company needs to be informed, you cannot locate all the specific areas of damage. Insurance adjusters are well aware that you do not know the extent of the damage and its long-term repercussions, so they will ask you for photographs as evidence of the harm caused by the wind. Once they limit the claim to easily discernible damage, they will try to settle your claim in a hurry. 

At this juncture, a public adjuster would be the right person to consult. Public adjusters like Experienced Public Adjusters have local knowledge and expertise with all kinds of property claims. Our skilled team can tell you where to look for the dents, breakages, and loosening of tiles due to the wind. If required, they will obtain the services of a licensed storm inspector. 

Did you know that if 25% of your roof seems to have been affected due to the hail and strong winds, then you will be eligible for having the whole roof replaced? For this, you need to get a brittle test done. The moment you hire a public adjuster, you can relax and stop worrying about the insurance claim. Dealing with the insurance adjuster, meeting their demands, completing your documentation, and preparing the claim is our job. Besides, we negotiate with your insurance company to get a fair settlement for you within the policy limits. We charge a minimal fee which is equal to a small percentage of your settlement amount.


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