Wind and Hail -Orlando

Orlando is a city of bright lights, fun, and entertainment. Millions of people flock to Orlando to experience the wonder of Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland, and Sea World. Apart from the glamor and the glitz, the natural scenic beauty, sporting activities, museums and art galleries, and designer golf courses beckon visitors to Orlando.

Appreciation in real estate prices, ample employment opportunities, and the sunny weather make people want to set their roots here. But remember to purchase a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy even as you plan on investing in some exclusive neighborhood like Lake Nona, Lake Weldona, and Baldwin Park. The high crime rate notwithstanding, the vagaries of nature make it essential for you to insure your home in Orlando. Orlando’s weather is subtropical, which means that summers are hot with rainfall accompanied by hail and wind. Winters are dry, encouraging the danger of wildfires that spread due to lightning and wind.

You may wonder what to do when wind and hail have damaged your Orlando home. Should you call the insurance company first or the contractors for repair? Will you get alternate housing for your family, and who will pay for it?

Your first response should be to call your insurance provider, and the next call should be to a good public adjuster. Water dripping through the shingles of your roof, the wind blowing through broken windows can inconvenience your loved ones and cause upheaval in your life. You need to think calmly about your next action steps. Wind and hail damage is not always apparent. You may be able to see the broken window panes and blown off tiles on your roof, but you may not notice the tiny cracks and fissures which allow water to trickle in. Over time these fractures may get worse and destroy the structure of your house.

A reputed public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjuster will give you sound advice. We’re centrally located in Downtown Orlando, right near The City of Orlando Courthouse. Our team of professional adjusters is always at your service. They are skilled and knowledgeable. Once photographs of all the damaged parts of your house are taken, we shall discuss them with your insurance carrier. After going through your policy clauses, our team shall ascertain if your insurance includes additional living expenses (ALE), then we’ll ensure that you get alternate accommodation while your home is being repaired. We have experts on our team who are sleuths at uncovering all the hidden damage which should form part of the claim and would be ignored otherwise. We will ask storm inspectors to give their opinion if required.

We support you throughout the claim process, right from documentation, until you receive your settlement. Insurance companies are known for dragging their feet when it comes to paying you your rightful settlement. They look for reasons to deny your claim so having a public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters is definitely a plus point. For a small fee which is a percentage of your settlement amount, we take control of the situation.

Do contact us in Orlando for your hail and wind damage claims.