Water Damage Insurance Claims Dr. Phillips

Water Damage in Dr. Phillips can occur from any number of reasons including burst pipes and a defective roof. Dr. Phillips is located in Orange County, Florida, close to the vibrant downtown Orlando. It has breathtaking lakefront properties and gracious mansions, with house values ranging in prices to suit all lifestyles. It offers the opportunity to partake in various cuisine at its famous Restaurant Row, which is a two-mile stretch featuring world-class fine dining experiences. The Bay Hill Golf Club and Lounge is a famous golf course that hosts an annual golf championship called the Bay Hill Invitational Championship, which attracts some of the best players in the world.

Despite living in this calm suburb of Orlando with relatively crime-free surroundings, you must secure your home with a good insurance policy from a reputed insurance carrier. Do discuss with your insurance provider what is and what isn’t covered by your homeowner’s policy. A standard homeowners insurance policy provides coverage against risks such as fire, lightning, storms, hail, theft, vandalism, water damage, etc. Water damage claims could happen quite often and be complicated.

 What should I do if I find water collected in my home? How do I file a water damage claim with my insurance company?

 Your home may get inundated with water, and you will find yourself getting hassled! First things first, make a phone call to notify your insurance company and next call a reputed public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters. Find the source from where the water appears to be flowing in. If it’s one of the faucets that’s leaking then turn off the tap underneath the leaking faucet. If you can’t find the source, don’t waste time. Just turn off the main water supply to your home. It’s best to switch off the electricity as well to avoid any family member getting electrocuted. Start mopping and removing the excess water as best as you can. Remember, the longer the water remains, the more harm it causes—shift furniture and expensive carpets out of the water’s path. Look for a professional restoration company that is quick to respond. Check out their ratings on the internet and obtain references. But remember to take photographs of the collected water, the damage it has caused your walls, flooring, or any other items the water may have spoiled. These are required by the insurance company to assess the damage.


To file an insurance claim for the water damage, hire the services of Experienced Public Adjusters in Dr. Phillips. We are experts on water damage claims and ensure that you receive a fair settlement for your claim. Keep an inventory of all items that have been damaged with as many details as possible, like the make and model numbers. Include the cost you paid, the item’s age if available, and the replacement cost, which is the price it would cost to replace the item today. We prepare a foolproof claim for you with the photographs as proof accompanied by the inventory of the damaged items. Our team of professional adjusters is knowledgeable about property matters and skilled at dealing with insurance companies. Commencing with our team’s presence during the field adjuster’s visit, preparing documentation, interpreting your policy clauses, we support you through the claims process until settlement.

Contact Experienced Public Adjusters in Dr. Phillips for all your water damage claims.