Water Claim Orlando

Residential real estate in Orlando, Florida, is in hot demand, as can be seen from July 2020 data from Realtor.com, which shows that buyers outnumber the homes listed for sale. The median sales price for all kinds of homes in Orlando also showed a growth of over 9% compared to the previous year. The warm Florida climate and proximity to Disney World seem to contribute to Orlando’s continued popularity as a residential location.

Orlando real estate is also considered a sound investment as the price of homes has been increasing over the years, and there are good opportunities to rent out your property.

If you own or rent a home in Orlando, Florida, you will need homeowners insurance. You are likely to pay more for this policy than in most other states of the country. This is because the premiums for homeowners insurance in Florida have increased due to the frequent tropical storms and hurricanes. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners estimates that property owners in Florida with $300,000 to $399,999 in coverage pay an average of $2,350, compared to the national average of $1,252.

A standard homeowners insurance policy provides coverage against perils such as fire, water damage, lightning, windstorms, hail, theft, vandalism, and more. 

Of these, water claims are common but can be complicated, so it’s essential to understand how they work. 

Most homeowners insurance policies cover water damage, provided that the cause can be proven to be accidental and sudden.  

Dwelling coverage will help you to recover the cost of damage to the structure of your house. So if your walls are damaged by water, dwelling coverage will cover the repair costs.

Personal property coverage will pay for the cost of damages to your belongings such as carpets, furniture, or electronics. 

Keep in mind that your water claim will not cover gradual damage or that which may have been caused due to inadequate maintenance on your part. So if there was a leak that you did not attend to, which led to damage to your home’s structure or belongings, your water claim might be rejected.

If your home is damaged by a sudden or accidental water problem such as a pipe burst, or the roof suddenly starts leaking, and water enters your home, then you need to file a water claim. At Experienced Public Adjusters, we have the knowledge and track record of success in dealing with water claims in Orlando.

We will help you to estimate the total extent of damage to your house. We take care of all the paperwork related to your water damage claim. We help you to create photographic video and other fruits that help to support your claim. We interact with the specialists and contractors to assess the cost of repair and replacement to restore your home to its condition before the water damage.

We are licensed by the state and legally authorized to represent you with the insurance company. So reach out to us for information and support related to your water claim in Orlando.