The 25 Largest Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies

Who are the largest home insurance companies in Florida?

Are you looking for new insurance because you were just dropped after you filed an insurance claim? Let Experienced Public Adjusters complete a claim review to see if there is more money they owe you. In Florida, you can file a supplement for additional money or damages they should have paid you for up to 4 years after the claim occurred. When a State of Emergency is called by Governor Desantis you have 3 years from that date to open up for example a Hurricane Claim or a Tropical Storm claim. Call (407) 212-8669

Why is it important to hire a Florida Public Adjuster? What is a Public Adjuster? Well if you have an insurance claim you can be sure the for-profit insurance companies will never pay you fairly. Public Adjusters advocate for the public homeowner and business owner when they have a new insurance claim, underpaid insurance claim, or a denied insurance claim! We work for you! Our goal is to help alleviate the stress of the claims process while maximizing the settlement payment you deserve to receive.

Here’s a List of Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies starting with the most number of in-force homeowners insurance policies as of Dec 31, 2016. If you have a New Insurance Claim, Underpaid Insurance Claim or Denied Insurance Claim call Experienced Public Adjusters at (407) 212-8669!

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How do I file A Claim?

How do I File An Insurance Claim?

An Insured, A Public Adjuster, Or An Attorney Can Open A Claim In Florida!

Experienced Public Adjusters is here to help!

The 25 Largest Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies:
Largest Insurance Company Policies in Force
1 Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company 577,263
2 Citizens Property Insurance Corporation 466,506
3 Security First Insurance Company 334,335
4 Federated National Insurance Company 272,335
5 Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Company 241,822
6 American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida 236.796
7 United Property & Casualty Insurance Company 187,412
8 St Johns Insurance Company 166,396
9 Homeowners Choice Property& Casualty Insurance 149,793
10 Tower Hill Prime (a Tower Hill Insurance Company) 148,377
11 People’s Trust Insurance 146,106
12 ASI Preferred (a Progressive Company) 125,537
13 United Services Automobile Association (USAA) 124,157
14 Florida Peninsula Insurance Company 118,771
15 First Protective Insurance Company 104,138
16 Castle Key Indemnity Company 99,943
17 Florida Family Insurance Company 98,089
18 American Bankers Insurance Company 94,374
19 Ark Royal (an ASI Company- related to #12 also) 94,374
20 Tower Hill Signature Insurance Company 85,257
21 Olympus Insurance Company 82,320
22 Safe Harbor Insurance Company 78,337
23 Castle Key Insurance Company 73,011
24 Safepoint Insurance Company 70,675
25 Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance Company 68,723


Chubb Insurance is a Federated Insurance Company

In the United States, there are five companies that have special policies for luxury homes, mansions, and high net worth homes.

  • Pure High-Value
  • Cincinnati Insurance
  • NatGen Premier
  • AIG Private Client
  • Chubb Prestige
  • Chubb Masterpiece Policy

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