Expert Public Adjusters

Experienced Public Adjusters is the best public adjusting company with a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and expert public adjusters that knows how to win!

A Public Insurance Adjuster can be called many by many names. For example, they can be called a loss adjuster, private adjuster, private insurance adjuster, public adjuster, private insurance adjuster, public claims adjuster, and many more. The key is that all of these adjusters are only allowed to work for you the private homeowner and business owner and they are not allowed to and they don’t want to work for big insurance. For more information on “What is a Public Adjuster‘ click on the highlighted link.

The bottom line is we are representatives that are experts in the field of adjusting claims and we represent your best interest in making sure you are paid fairly. The best comparison would be in my opinion would be if you facing a nasty divorce battle you would hire your own Divorce Attorney, Right? Well, this is the same kind of situation, and the insurance company has deep pockets and ways to underpay claim in almost every case to maintain profitability. We as Expert Public Adjusters have the knowledge and experience to know how to beat them at their own game. We know how to WIN!

Call us today and we will come out to your home or business and meet with you to review your damages and evaluate your insurance policy and discuss the current claim or future claim you plan to file.

Experienced Public Adjusters is one call away!