Barometric Pressure

Barometric Pressure and Severe Weather Predictions!

Why is knowing what barometric pressure important when it comes to storms that are approaching! A weather reporter or a meteorologist who studies weather patterns will tell you why the increase or decrease in barometric pressure is so important. The pressure within the atmosphere of the earth is known as barometric pressure and also called atmospheric pressure. Typically a Meteorioligist uses a barometer or multiple barometers in different locations to predict short-term changes in weather. These devices have to be adjusted based on changes in altitude in order to make the most precise atmospheric pressure readings. When wind speed is observed along with barometric pressure a meteorologist can have the ability to predict severe weather storms that are approaching. A continual drop in barometric pressure when a Hurricane is approaching will be a good indicator of the strength of a Hurricane and if it plans to strengthen before making landfall. Hurricanes are most common in the Atlantic Ocean and sometimes enter the Gulf of Mexico. The United States has had some massive tropical storms and hurricanes over the last few decades. Usually, there are states that are more prone to be affected by damaging hurricanes. These states include Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and then all the states up the Atlantic Coast of the United States. Even New York and New Jersey were devasted by Hurricane Sandy.

If you have a hurricane approaching your state please listen to the experts and follow their instructions to keep you and your family first! Hurricanes are not something to take lightly and can destroy entire cities as they make landfall and travel inland.

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