Storm Damage in Central Florida

Storm Damage Central Florida

Florida is a very popular tourist spot in the US. However, Florida is always making headlines because of hurricanes, storms, and floods. It gets pretty challenging for residents as they need to be very vigilant about their homes. As a homeowner, maintaining your property is very important from both the viewpoint of safety and being able to claim the much-needed insurance money after property damage. It’s tough for you to prove that a listed peril is responsible for the damage loss and not the lack of maintenance on your part. Encountering a natural calamity like a violent storm puts you in a difficult spot as it can produce multiple issues related to water, wind, and lightning damage.

First, let us understand the weather in Central Florida. Summer storms are very common here, and the frequency is the same as that of the Amazon Basin, the world’s maximum thunderstorm area. So, you can imagine the regularity and intensity of the storms in Central Florida. Lakeland in Central Florida was declared the ‘stormiest city in the country with an average of 100 thunderstorm days a year.

A vicious storm can lead to tremendous devastation; it can shatter your window panes, wrench doors from their fittings, blow off your roof, create fissures in walls and floors, and flood your home destroying your personal belongings, rendering you virtually homeless. Roof displacement or splintering due to a storm is not rare, but homeowners may be unsure about receiving compensation under their home insurance for tree damage. 

Let’s find out more about tree damage due to a storm.

Trees are good for the environment and keep your garden cool and beautiful. However, during a storm, gusty winds can uproot trees that may damage your roof or electric lines. You should trim your plants and trees regularly. Since home insurance coverage includes storm damage, you should rightfully receive compensation from your insurer for property damage due to fallen trees. The challenge lies in proving that the tree fell due to a storm and that it was not rotten or old. To face and successfully overcome such issues, you need Experienced Public Adjusters by your side.

How can Experienced Public Adjusters help you? 

Insurance companies will entertain your claim for listed perils like roof, pipes, or water damage resulting from fallen trees. However, you will not get any compensation for removing a fallen tree from your property if there is no property damage. Dealing with your insurer’s arguments and contentions can be very stressful, especially as the policy clauses or regulations are not easy to understand. Our team of public adjusters has the expertise in handling such complicated matters and leaves no stone unturned to get you the claim settlement you deserve.  

Experienced Public Adjusters is expanding every day and is the best public adjusting company in Florida. We help get fair settlements because we care for our clients and fight for them. So if you are dealing with storm damage in Central Florida, reach out to Experienced Public Adjusters today.