Storm Damage in Daytona Beach

Has your home been damaged by storms in Daytona Beach?

Daytona Beach in Northeast Florida is famous for its summer band concerts and car racing competitions. It is a part of Volusia County, a place abundant in water sports and activities. Being a beach region, sea storms and dense rainfall are common. While the summers are hot and humid, the winters are short and less cold. One of the greatest risks in any coastal region like Daytona Beach is a storm surge. This abnormal rise in water due to strong, gusty wind leads to flooding and property damage. The Government uses a storm surge map to identify places that can be affected and ask residents to evacuate if necessary. 

Cyclonic winds during a storm give rise to a storm surge. Such strong winds during a storm are enough to shake the very foundation of any building. It puts a lot of pressure on homeowners who need to protect themselves and their homes during a violent storm. Even if your construction is sturdy, it can still cause damage. 

A storm can cause wind, water, hail, or lightning damage. So, as a homeowner, you need to know how to apply for home insurance after a property loss. Since it involves wind and water damages, you should be able to file the claim correctly to get proper compensation. Also, if there is a flood due to the storm, it will be covered by FEMA and not home insurance. Therefore, you need Experienced Public Adjusters who will guide you correctly with the claim process and make it a seamless experience.

What are the common problems associated with storm damage?

As a resident of Daytona, you may already be familiar with the consequences of a storm. However, you may not be completely aware of every issue and underlying problems. One of the major problems is fence or roof dislocation due to wind. Wind flow up to 45 mph is considered non-severe; anything beyond that is dangerous. If it is as fast as 50 mph, it can still give the roof a beating. Roof damage or displacement is caused by wind as fast as 70-80 mph. 

Along with roof damage, it can damage your pipes as well. A storm accompanied by hail can cause roof, window, and door damage. It can break window glass, crack the wall, and cause water leakage from the rooftop.

Choose Experienced Public Adjusters to help you file an insurance claim as our experience shows that a storm can cause latent damage to your building. You may not be able to notice this type of damage immediately; it may be a hidden crack on your roof or a small pipe leakage that will eventually ruin your floor or walls and cause mold damage. Therefore, you need our expert guidance and supervision to estimate your damages correctly. Otherwise, you will end up getting minimal compensation. Our team at Experienced Public Adjusters has the skills and the capability to file a flawless claim that will get you the settlement you deserve.

So, give yourself a break and let Experienced Public Adjusters in Daytona Beach deal with your storm damage claim.