Slab Leak Claim

Is a slab leak covered by insurance?

Do I need to hire a Public Adjuster? Yes

If you have a slab leak resulting from a leaking pipe underneath your foundation, it is either a water or sewer line. Repairing the damaged line can be very damaging and costly to a homeowner. Now you are task with locating and gaining access to the slab leak. Once you locate the general area of the leak, you will have to cut and chisel your way through the concrete to repair the pipes. We would recommend you hire a license leak detector to find the exact location at the source of the slab leak. Once you have written documentation of where the leak is and where it exists you should contact a Public Adjuster for a free evaluation of the water damage that has just occurred. They will review the possible resulting damaging, review your policy, and discuss the option of filing an insurance claim.

Here are some Symptoms of a Slab Leak:

There are several signs you can identify that point to a slab leak. The first is the presence of water or damp areas on your floor. Leaking hot water lines can create warm spots easily felt on your floor. Walking around inside your home barefooted will expose the general location of a leaking hot water line. The second giveaway alerting you that your water lines are leaking is the sound of rushing water underneath your floor. Also, you will notice actual damage on many types of flooring and you most likely will see water seeping up from the flooring. Furthermore, since a leaking water line runs continuously, you might well receive a significantly higher water bill.

Sewer lines

Sewer lines pose a completely different problem. Most leaks in a sewer line go undetected until there are obvious and visible signs of foundation damage. In areas with extensive soil, a leaking sewer line can cause heaving, which is when the slab swells enough to lift the building. Another sign indicating a potential sewer line leak is a raised section in the floor or a dome which is a vault, having a circular plan and usually in the form of a portion of a sphere, so constructed as to exert an equal thrust in all directions. What does this all mean? You may have extensive damage that only an expert can evaluate and appraise.

Can’t find the slab leak?

The first thing you should do is turn off the water to your home to prevent additional water damages. Then you should call a public adjuster for a free phone or on-site evaluation on how to proceed. Most policies will not cover the repair to the pipe leaking in the slab, however, they will cover the damage required to gain access to the pipe or sewer line. In most cases, the insurance company will be required to pay for resulting damages from the repair and the water damage and possible mold from the leak. So it is important to know that it is your responsibility to stop the loss from creating future damages to your home. Simple things like having your plumber separate the bill for the actual pipe repair and for gaining access is something most homeowners would not think to ask a plumber. Also, not all plumber are actual leak detectors and have the right equipment needed to locate the source of the loss. So remember before you hire a plumber to start damaging your home make sure a licensed leak detection company is hired to identify the exact location of the water loss that has occurred. Leak detection companies specialize in finding hard to find slab leaks and use specialized listening devices. After the water is turned off, the air is pumped into the lines to force out the remaining water. This allows the leak detectors to listen for escaping air from the damaged pipe. Once the leak is identified, the plumber can determine the best way to go about repairing it. Sometimes it is better to re-plumb the entire house rather than waste money repairing old plumbing. However, re-plumbing the house could be a big problem when recovering damages from an insurance company. If you have not proven the source of the damage by circumventing the problem it will be difficult to prove the resulting damage that may have occurred. This is why you should always contact an Experienced Public Adjuster before making a decision about how to repair the leak. Remember if you have to shut the water off for an extending period of time you most likely will have the ability within your insurance policy if you are going to file a claim to stay in a hotel and have your food costs covered if you have a loss of use coverage in your policy. A public adjuster can go into more detail about what is covered for you and what will be an out-of-pocket expense.

The homeowner is tasked with not only how to handle the situation but how they are going to pay for it. Then under duress, they have to determine how to best make sure if they have insurance coverage and how to proceed. Most people rush to make decisions that could ultimately cause them to not recover from their insurance company the proper settlement. Most homeowner’s policy will cover the cost to locate the repair, remediate the water and mold damage, and repair the resulting damage caused by this type of water damage loss. Make the right decision by calling an Experienced Public Adjuster first and allow them to provide you the proper information to make an informed decision. If you hire us we will not only guide you through the process but we will handle your claim from start to finish and maximize your settlement with your insurance carrier. Our goal is to be your advocate and to bring your home back to pre-loss condition. Call Experienced Public Adjusters Today for a free claim review at (407) 212-8669!

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