Sinkhole Damage

Did you know that an estimated $3.5 million is spent every year on sinkhole claims home insurance companies in Florida?

Major damage to personal property and buildings can be caused sinkholes – some occur naturally while others as a result of human activity. Sinkholes occur in all 50 states of the United States and are particularly common in Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, and Alabama. According to the USGS, about 20 percent of U.S. land is susceptible to sinkholes. However, Florida has the most sinkhole cases that result in complete loss of property and even fatalities.

In Florida, it is common for insurance companies to provide insurance coverage to homeowners that also include sinkholes. When it comes to repairing a home that is affected a sinkhole, the cost can be extensive. Filing for a claim yourself is not recommended because the settlements offered the insurance companies are not equitable settlements any means. You need help with your insurance claim. However, bringing in a public adjuster, you can receive the fair settlement you deserve.



How to Know If There is a Sinkhole in Your Yard

  • Leaning fences or trees
  • Puddle formation after rain and abnormally quick draining of water
  • A slight depression in your lawn
  • Cracks in the ceiling, tiles, exterior, and interior walls
  • The foundation of the house starts slanting

Why Do You Need to Hire Florida Experienced Public Adjuster?

You have to understand that it is difficult for a policyholder to handle a sinkhole claim (deemed as one of the most difficult claims) due to the technical nature of the whole investigative process, the length of the sinkhole investigation, and other issues such as complexity of the property insurance coverage.

As licensed Florida Experienced Public Adjusters, we use all our expertise and knowledge to help you in acquiring the best settlement from your insurance provider. Experienced Public Adjusters is a company known for delivering beyond-satisfactory results. Our experienced and highly qualified public adjusters represent policyholders through the entire complicated process of evaluation, filing for a claim and handling every single obstacle that might come your way.

If you want to start a sinkhole claim or believe that the settlement you received is not enough, simply contact us. We can help you with acquiring a much better and fair settlement.

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