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Historically, Tampa in Florida state was an isolated coastal village that got transformed with the discovery of phosphate and the arrival of the railroad system. This led to rapid industrialization, later followed by an influx of tourism. Today, its economy thrives on an assortment of finance, telecommunications, retail, software, healthcare, insurance, professional sports, and real estate. Many companies have made a significant investment to develop their business in Tampa.

As a resident of Tampa, you will need to insure your home and property with a homeowner’s insurance policy. This will protect your home and property against various risks which may occur naturally like hurricanes, wind, hail, storm or induced by humans like vandalism, theft, plumbing leaks, roof damage, electrical damage, etc. In Tampa, there are reputed insurance companies for you to choose from. A comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy may be more expensive in terms of premium payment but covers many perils that you are likely to face. Here, only the exclusions are mentioned. A standard homeowner’s insurance policy protects your dwelling, outside structures, personal belongings and includes loss of use coverage, personal liability insurance, and medical payments coverage. However, it does not include loss or damage due to flooding, and for that, you need to purchase a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

While you may be familiar with the concept of home insurance, do you know what is public adjusting? You may also wonder how public adjusting is related to home insurance.

Public adjusting in Tampa or the services of a public adjuster are professional, provided by skilled individuals, licensed by the state Department of Finance. Their primary objective is to serve the public during a property insurance claim process. There are different types of home insurance policies – offering benefits related to specific coverage or perils. For a layperson, it is difficult to understand the fine print and the various clauses related to repairs, etc, which are mentioned in the insurance policy. Some policies offer replacement costs for your damaged belongings or actual cash value. Some insurance companies offer a guaranteed replacement cost that pays whatever it costs to rebuild your home to its original state.

Since homeowner’s insurance is so complicated, it creates avenues for misunderstanding. Insurance companies take advantage of these gaps in understanding and try to cut down or deny customer’s insurance claims, as they are only interested in making profits. The presence of a public adjuster safeguards your rights. Interpreting your policy clauses, arguing with the field adjuster on your behalf, pointing out the damages, submitting the paperwork, and negotiating for a just settlement are all public adjusting functions. 

At Experienced Public Adjusters, we have a team of skilled professionals knowledgeable in all matters related to home insurance. We understand the way an insurance company works, and we represent your best interests. We are conveniently located in downtown Tampa and are at your service when you need.

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