Hail Damage in Winter Park

Hail is common in Central Florida, and Winter Park Hail Damage is no exception. Winter Park is situated in Orange County in Florida. It was initially known as a vacation resort for folks wanting to avoid the harsh winters of the north. Today it is famous for its liberal arts school – Rollins College, the first college in Florida. World-class museums, pulsating art festivals, and stylish architecture embody life in Winter Park. Did you know that Winter Park achieved notoriety in 1981 as a natural geological occurrence that marred the town’s reputation? This was a sinkhole measuring 350 feet wide, 75 feet deep, that has since become a lake called Lake Rose.

Temperatures in Winter Park soar during the summer months, and this heat is accompanied by winds and rain. A thunderstorm is often the precursor of hail. Even small hailstones can cause a lot of damage to your roof. The shingles on your roof can develop cracks that open up slowly, allowing water to collect. This, in turn, destroys your home’s structure, walls, or windows and can cause leaks, stains, and mold. During a thunderstorm pounding winds carrying hailstones can also damage the siding, exterior paint, brick walls, and windows of your home. Tougher materials may be able to withstand the assault better; however, hailstorms often dent exterior appliances like AC / HVAC units. At first, you may not notice it, but these may stop functioning if the unit’s condenser coils are compromised, requiring expensive repairs. Insuring your home against natural calamities and other risks like plumbing leaks, theft, vandalism, etc., is a good idea. 

Witnessing the extensive property damage due to a hailstorm can leave you feeling desolate. You don’t know where to begin, as you need to keep your home and family safe, start the insurance claims process, contact contractors and arrange for finances. In such a situation, we recommend that you contact your insurance company first and then contact a reputed public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters immediately. Our team is licensed by the state department of Finance and is ready to take over the entire process of your insurance claim submission. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover storms, including hail, tornadoes, and wind damage. They also cover the repair or replacement of your home and its contents up to certain stipulated limits. Depending on whether, at the time of purchasing your homeowner’s insurance policy, you chose between an ‘Actual Cash Value’ policy or a ‘Replacement Cost Coverage,’ you will receive your payout accordingly. Also, be aware of the time limit by when a claim may be submitted after the occurrence of a hailstorm. Insurance companies are always looking out for reasons to deny or reduce your claim so having a public adjuster on the premises when the insurance field adjuster pays a visit ensures that all the damage is accounted for. Our team is knowledgeable and conversant with the functioning of insurance companies. We sort out your documentation, interpret your policy clauses, build an air-tight claim with photographs as proof to get you the settlement you deserve.

For any hail damage claim in Winter Park, remember to contact Experienced Public Adjusters.