Public Adjuster – Tampa

Tampa is a vibrant city with many new real estate projects and redevelopments. Here you will see old buildings converted into state-of-the-art museums and malls and unused spaces redeveloped into plush, best-in-class urban residential and commercial structures. So, if you like the hustle-bustle of city life with many entertainment avenues, water sports amidst the lakes and the ocean, then Tampa is the place for you!

Having chosen Tampa as your preferred place to live, you must purchase good homeowner’s insurance to protect your beloved home. When you scout around for suitable homeowner’s insurance, the chances are that you may look at online options or meet insurance agents to compare benefits. Either way, ask your agent to explain each point carefully so you know what the policy covers or doesn’t cover. You may need to pay an additional premium to buy separate add-ons like mold and water backup damage. It is essential to have all this clarified before you purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy or you may feel cheated when your claim is denied on some technical grounds by your insurance provider. You may wonder why this happens?

Insurance companies are in this business for profit, so wherever possible they try to deny or reduce claim payouts. They may tell you that you are not covered for the type of damage which your policy appears to mention or that you have missed the last date for filing a claim. Your insurance provider may try to prove that the damage is due to normal wear and tear, negligence or that you did not take precautions to prevent further damage. Your claim may get rejected if the exact cause of the damage is indeterminable. Also, remember that you need to pay your deductible first before the insurance company pays you. Never miss a premium payment as this can lead to loss of coverage, a bad credit rating, and may even result in an increase in premium in the future.

But if you had a Tampa public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters on your side, it would help you file a strong claim and receive a fair settlement within your policy limits. We are located in downtown Tampa and have a reputation for successful claim settlements. Since we are present locally and available 24/7, we can reach you immediately, participate in the on-site inspection and engage with your insurance company right from the beginning. We are a team of professional claim adjusters licensed by the state Department of Finance. Our team consists of committed individuals who believe in keeping the customer in the center of all that we do. We keep ourselves updated in all insurance-related matters, including state statutes and building codes, and know when to refer to experts.

At Experienced Public Adjusters, we keep you informed – right from checking your paperwork, liaising with the insurance company, and above all, preparing a sound claim so that you receive the settlement you deserve. For all your claims needs in Tampa, call us today.