Public Adjusting – Lake Nona

The community of Lake Nona is situated in the Southeast part of Orlando, in Orange County. It is well planned and technologically progressive. The beautiful Lake Nona Golf and Country Club attract golf players from the world over, and initially, this gave a fillip to the economic prosperity of the region. The USTA National Campus has 100 courts spread across 64 acres, offering unmatched training and practical experience to both competitive players and coaches.

Living in Lake Nona, you have the luxury of choosing a variety of gated residences set in the backdrop of freshwater lakes and pine trees. Purchasing home insurance to protect your coveted home is a given. A homeowner’s insurance policy will safeguard you and your family in case you suffer a material loss due to natural calamities and other perils. When short-listing your preferred insurance provider, do ask your insurance agent if water damage due to reasons other than floods is included. You will need a separate policy to cover damage by floods, issued by the National Flood Insurance Program, managed by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA).

When finalizing the insurance purchase, make sure that you understand the perils covered by your policy and that the coverage suits your requirements. Remember that the cheapest premium is not necessarily the best option as the lower the premium, the higher is the deductible. A deductible is an amount that you have agreed to pay before the insurance company pays the balance claimed amount. Suppose you display a willingness to protect your home by reinforcing your roof, adding storm shutters, installing smoke detectors, burglar alarms, fire extinguishers, water leak detectors, and gas leak detectors, etc. In that case, your insurer is likely to give you a discount on your premium. Also, keeping receipts of regular maintenance of your heating, plumbing, and electrical systems will be helpful when you need to file a claim.

What is the importance of public adjusting, you may wish to know?

Well, public adjusting services from a reputed public adjusting firm in Lake Nona, like Experienced Public Adjusters will give you complete peace of mind if you suffer loss damage and need to claim. Just purchasing a homeowner’s insurance is no guarantee of receiving a full settlement for your claim as insurance companies are wary of parting with their monies. They’re in this business for profit, so it’s in their interest to reduce or deny your claim. If the amount can be kept below your deductible by ignoring some of the damage, their field adjusters will do so. Therefore, you need to have a knowledgeable person by your side who will represent you and fight for your rights!

At Experienced Public Adjusters, we have a dedicated team of adjusters who are committed to educating the public ethically and responsibly within the field of insurance adjusting. Each one of us has a proven track record in delivering the highest quality of customer service. We take over the entire claims process and negotiate for the best possible settlement within your policy limits.

So, for all your claim requirements in Lake Nona, reach out to Experienced Public Adjusters.