Public Adjusting – Lake Mary

The city of Lake Mary, in Seminole County, is situated close to Orlando. Despite its proximity to the entertainment blitzkrieg, Lake Mary has managed to retain its identity, peace, and calm. It has been named after the wife of a minister who settled on the northern shores of the lake.  Originally a village of two tiny settlements, it was an agriculture-based community. Today, Lake Mary has made great strides towards being an economically viable and well-planned residential community. It’s considered the location of choice for organizations looking for an ideal place to set up a business. You can find leading names here like AAA (The American Automobile Association), Convergys, Verizon, and Mitsubishi-Hitachi Power Systems that provide excellent employment opportunities for residents of Lake Mary.

One can expect thunderstorms accompanied by lightning between June to September. In the past, there have been hurricanes like Charley, Frances and Jean and tropical storms Debby, Beryl, and Fay, which left widespread devastation in their wake. Soldiers Creek, which passes through Lake Mary, often floods over due to excessive rainfall.  If you’re living and working in Lake Mary, it is essential to invest in a home insurance policy. This will protect your precious home from damage losses caused by natural calamities and other risks like theft, vandalism, roof leaks, water damage, pipe burst, etc. For damage caused by floods, there is an arrangement with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) under which the National Flood Insurance Program issues a separate policy to cover damage by floods.

Insuring your property is definitely a step in the right direction however getting hassled over filing a claim is not. Feedback received from clients suggests that the whole claims process has the potential of derailing your normal life. Running around completing the insurance paperwork, figuring out your policy coverage restrictions, and negotiating with the field adjuster can make you irritable and stressed. This is when the services of a reputed adjusting firm like Experienced Public Adjusters prove to be invaluable. Leave all this to us, we are the experts and we ensure that the whole claims process is handled seamlessly and that you receive a fair settlement amount within the limits of your policy.

So, how do we do it?

  • Experienced Public Adjusters, with its corporate office in downtown Orlando, has a team of the best public adjusters, knowledgeable in insurance and property matters and skilled at negotiating.
  • We are licensed by the state Department of Finance.
  • We are easily accessible and even provide you with a free claim review.
  • You are always the center of our focus, and we do all that it takes to negotiate the best settlement possible.
  • We are conversant with the tactics employed by insurance field adjusters and know how to handle their objections. We are always updated with the latest state rules and regulations, including building codes, and we are experienced enough to know when to ask technical professionals to step in.

Our fee is a small percentage of your settlement amount, so we only earn when you’ve received a satisfactory settlement. In Lake Mary, contact Experienced Public Adjusters for all your adjusting needs.