Hail Damage in Lake Nona

Hail Damage can be a problem in Lake Nona due to the severe weather that exists in Central Florida in the summer. Lake Nona, situated within Orlando city, is famous for being a ‘gigabit community’ for its high-speed internet. It has been a precursor for the next generation’s wireless technology, and this is the driving force behind the proliferation of its medical and software business. This growth has led to a tremendous increase in job opportunities, notably the creation of Lake Nona Medical City. This is a 650-acre University of Central Florida’s health and life sciences park, home to the College of Medicine and Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences.

Lake Nona has the distinction of being a ‘master-planned community.’ Architecturally perfect homes with beautiful landscaping, just 30 minutes away from the Orlando entertainment zone, is a definite magnet for the upwardly mobile. Remember to insure your cherished home with good homeowner’s insurance as it will protect your home and its contents from man-made and natural disasters, including damage from hailstorms. The climate in Lake Nona is warm during the summers, interspersed with clouds and rainfall, and very pleasant during winters. Chances are that there could be a hailstorm driven by a thunderstorm in this area. You must purchase a good homeowner’s insurance policy to protect your beautiful home in Lake Nona.

What should I do if I’m caught in a hailstorm?

If you’re outside your home and driving, stop immediately and look for a place like underground parking, a garage, or a covered space at a gas station to park.  Avoid standing or parking under trees as their branches can fall and hurt you. Also, note that trees attract lightning. Stay indoors until the storm passes over. Close your doors and windows tightly with the curtains drawn as this will keep both splintered glass and hailstones out. Hail damages crops, vehicles, and property and has far-reaching consequences.

Will my insurance company pay me for the hail damage? Should I hire a public adjuster?

The answer to both the questions is yes. Standard homeowner’s insurance protects your home and its contents from various risks like theft, power outage, vandalism, leaking water pipes, etc., and natural calamities like fire, wind, thunderstorms, including hailstorms. Swaths of falling hail can dent, crack and break your windows, walls, siding, and roof. However, insurance companies create obstacles and try to reduce/deny your claims, as it affects their profitability. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters. When you inform your insurance company of the loss, they will depute a field adjuster to inspect your property. Having our team at the site when the insurance field adjuster visits is important as the field adjusters may overlook some damages. Further, he or she may not be knowledgeable or qualified enough to conduct a thorough assessment. Our licensed team of professional adjusters is adept at handling both insurance issues as well as property damage. We ensure that you receive a fair settlement within your policy limits.

In Lake Nona, for any hail damage claim, contact Experienced Public Adjusters.