Hail Damage in Clearwater

Hail Damage in Clearwater occurs often as daily thunderstorms can bring the risk of severe weather in the summer. The city of Clearwater, located in Pinellas County, is famous for its Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This aquarium provides housing and rehabilitation to stranded and hurt sea life like nurse sharks, otters, turtles, and pelicans. The story of one of the rescued dolphins called Winter, who has been fitted with a prosthetic tail, is featured in a popular American film called ‘Dolphin Tale.’

The weather in Clearwater is quite warm. Tornadoes and hurricanes are common occurrences in Clearwater during the summer months. Currently, a tropical storm warning has been issued in Clearwater. Since 1930, residents have experienced more than 71 hurricanes in Clearwater. The coast is vulnerable to storm surges which cause a lot of destruction to property, including flood damage. Besides, strong winds carrying hail are extremely damaging to property, livestock, crops and vehicles.

What is hail? What happens during a hailstorm?

In the course of a thunderstorm, strong currents of air carry water droplets upward towards colder climes, where they freeze and are thrown back to the ground as hailstones. Hailstones come in different sizes, often ranging from 1/4th inch to 4 inches in diameter. During a hailstorm, torrents of hailstones of all sizes fall at great speed, hurtling towards the ground, demolishing shingles, windows, walls, and siding of your property in its wake. Hail falls when it is pulled towards the earth by gravity, and it falls in swaths. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL), hail swaths can range in size from a few acres to a huge area.

Is my property covered by my home insurance for hail damage?

Standard home insurance policies provide coverage against common risks like theft, vandalism, power outage, leaking pipes, etc., as well as against damage from natural calamities like lightning, wind, thunderstorms, including hailstorms, etc. To protect your home in Clearwater from damage due to hail, you must purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy from a good insurance company. Compare ratings of different companies and meet agents to have your doubts clarified. Understand the amount of coverage that you require and the premium that you have to pay. So, when you take an insurance policy to safeguard your home, you need to be assured that your claim amount would be settled by the insurance provider whenever the need arises.

For a smooth claims process, contact a public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters in Clearwater. We have a team of excellent, trained public adjusters who manage the entire insurance claims process for you. Right from being present on your property for damage inspection to taking pictures, engaging with the insurance field adjuster, collecting documentation, and preparing the claim, we even negotiate for the maximum possible settlement for you. We are licensed from the state Department of Finance and well-versed in the subjects of insurance and property. Insurance companies are known to drag their feet if the settlement amounts are large but remember ExperiencedPublic Adjusters is by your side throughout this trying time.

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