Hail Damage Orlando

Like most Central Florida Cities, Hail Damage can be a problem in Orlando. Orlando is located 17 miles south of Lake Mary and is a popular place for folks looking for well-planned residential communities and excellent schools. Quiet tree-lined paths with family homes, affordable apartments, and swanky townhouses combined with a low crime rate are some of its attractive features. It’s close to the Orlando entertainment whirlwind but far enough to maintain its peace and calm.

Residents of Orlando need to be wary of hurricanes and tropical storms as they suffered the onslaught of tropical storms Debby and Beryl in 2012, hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne in 2004, and more recently tropical storm Fay. Often thunderstorms bring with them, swaths of hail which can be very damaging. Crops, livestock, vehicles, and property face devastation. The roof of your home is the most vulnerable, and the shingles on your roof can crack and cause rainwater to seep through, resulting in stains and mold. Gusty winds laden with hailstones beating relentlessly against the exterior of your home are sure to spoil the paint, create fissures in the brick walls and crack the windows of your home. Often exterior appliances like AC / HVAC units get damaged. Living in Orlando, you need to purchase good home insurance to safeguard your home and its contents from destruction by natural disasters like fire, wind, thunderstorms, and hailstorms. Heavy rainfall invariably causes flash flooding; however, property losses due to flooding are not covered under most standard homeowners’ insurance policies. You need to purchase separate flood insurance to protect your home and its contents through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

During a hailstorm, you need to take shelter immediately if you are driving and are caught unawares. If you’re at home, keep your family safe, away from windows that can shatter due to the hail. Stay tuned in to the radio and television for warnings, and once the storm has passed, check your property for damages, and call your insurance provider. Noting down the time and date of the hailstorm is very important, as is as taking pictures of the damage. Contact a public adjusting firm like Experienced Public Adjusters to avoid the stress of dealing with your insurance adjuster, gathering the paperwork, filling out forms, and wondering if your life will ever become ‘normal’ again. This is a time when your family needs you the most. Besides, taking stock of your finances is another big task. Our team is at your service, managing the entire responsibility of obtaining a fair settlement for your hail damage claim.

Insurance companies can get difficult to deal with when it comes to paying your claim. Our team at Experienced Public Adjusters consists of trained professionals who are adept at handling your insurance company’s objections and arguments. Their knowledge of property-related damage gives them a distinct advantage when dealing with obstacles created by your insurance company. This helps them negotiate for a better settlement of your claim.

For any type of property damage claim, including hail in Orlando, just contact Experienced Public Adjusters, and we’ll take care of it!