Property and Casualty Insurance Companies In Tampa, Florida

Do you have an insurance claim to file in Tampa, Florida? Have you not been paid fairly on an insurance claim in Tampa, Florida? 

Experienced Public Adjusters has a Tampa Public Adjuster ready to review your claim at no cost and perform an onsite free evaluation!

There are two property and casualty insurance companies that we have found that reside in Tampa, Florida. Home Owners Choice Property and Casualty Insurance and Avatar Property and Casualty Insurance Company.

There have been mixed reviews about Avatar Property and Casualty Insurance, but we will leave that up to you to do your own research.

UPC Insurance, which stands for United Property and Casualty insurance company, is headquartered near Tampa in St. Petersburgh, Florida. United Insurance Holdings Corp is the holding company for United Property & Casualty Insurance, which is known as UPC Insurance. UPC Insurance from what we know currently writes policies in Hawaii, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, and South Carolina.

Some people will shop for the cheapest policies when looking for insurance, and we have found that people will get the quality of the insurance that they pay for. So when you have difficulty with an insurance company paying you fairly, you will need to hire a Tampa Public Adjuster.

Most people ask, “What is a public adjuster?” We are experienced insurance claims handlers that work for the private Tampa homeowner and Tampa business owner to help them recover from their loss what they deserve from an insurance company that either is intentionally underpaying their claim or does not have a competent adjusting team that is either trained or skilled with the knowledge needed in the Hillsborough County market of Florida insurance claims world to pay a claim fairly. We handle every type of claim, including a pipe leak claim, hurricane claim, wind claim, hail claim, fire claim, and all covered causes of loss provided in your insurance policy. Do not let an insurance company tell you what they think is fair without getting an evaluation of your claim from one of our Experienced Public Adjusters. There are very few, if any, that pay claims fairly in the State of Florida. We believe there is no claim that is not worth having a Tampa Public Adjuster evaluate to see if the claim was paid fairly, and at least you can get a second opinion!

Experienced Public Adjusters has an office in Downtown Tampa, Florida.

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