Cheapest Homeowners Insurance In Florida

Cheap Home Insurance

Is the cheapest home insurance quote the way to go? Not always!

There are many cheap homeowners insurance companies in Florida. (Be Careful!)

The value of the companies reputation is essential, but the most important part of buying insurance is understanding what is covered in your policy and what is excluded! Then you need to make sure you are satisfied with the limits put on those coverages.

It is critical to understand what you are getting from your insurance policy and not just search for the cheapest. And if you want to find good value for the price you are going to pay, you should seek the counsel of a licensed insurance agent that will explain all the coverages, exclusions, and endorsements in each policy. There are certain key things you need to look at before making a decision. One crucial factor to look at is the NAIC complaint ratio, which will tell you which insurance companies have the highest ratio of complaints. This is not a good thing for a homeowner if they ever suffer a loss and need to file an insurance claim. You also need to be careful and check to see if they put a cap on your water damage coverage. This is important because it is one of the most common causes of loss or damage a home will suffer based on statistics. You will also want to look to see if they have an “option to repair” or “at their option” clause to invoke if they want to use their own contractors. This may turn out to be very bad for you as the homeowner. It takes away your right to pick your own contractor in most situations, it takes away your ability in most cases to dispute the amount paid the insurance company for the damages you have suffered, and it also can hinder your ability to hire a Public Adjuster who is an expert at representing an underpaid claim. This option may make it difficult for a lawyer to help you get paid fairly. (Please seek legal counsel to understand why it may hinder you from getting legal help on a claim.) There may also be an appraisal clause put in a policy that either party can invoke. In most cases, this can be if invoked the insurance company, not your best interest, to be paid fairly. And it can be binding in the State of Florida. (Again, we would ask you to seek legal advice!)

There is much to know about searching for insurance if you want to find the cheapest insurance company or the best value for your homeowners’ insurance policy. Try and remember that cost versus benefit is also an essential factor to consider.

Here are just a few Florida Insurance Companies for you to determine cost versus value!

Universal Property and Casualty

State Farm Insurance (Usually does not offer Mold Coverage. However, this is something to discuss with your insurance agent.)

Tower Hill Insurance

Citizens Property Insurance

Heritage Property Insurance

USAA Insurance (USAA is primarily insurance for military personnel, veterans, and military families.)

UPC Insurance

Security First Insurance

Progressive/ASI (American Strategic Insurance was purchased Progressive Insurance)

Chubb Insurance (Chubb Insurance is a High-Cost Insurance for a High-Value Insurance Policy for a Premium Home)

Pure Insurance

Nationwide Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Farmers Insurance

Southern Fidelity Insurance

Capital Preferred Insurance

Velocity Risk Insurance

AIG Insurance

Lloyd’s of London

Heritage Insurance

Florida Peninsula Insurance

Olympus Insurance

Federal Insurance

St. Johns Insurance

Experienced Public Adjusters are not attorneys or insurance agents, but we are experts at understanding your insurance policy when you have suffered a loss, and you need to file an insurance claim. We were founded in Orlando, Florida, but we operate throughout the State of Florida and have expanded and are licensed in multiple states.

We are a team of highly trained public adjusters that understand your policies and what is owed to you not only within your policy, but we also know the state statutes, building codes, local construction costs, and permitting requirements so that when an insurance company is not paying you fairly, you have an advocate fighting on your behalf. The best time to hire an Experienced Public Adjusters is from the start of the claim! That means to call us right when the loss occurs so you can be represented from the very beginning, and everything will get appropriately documented, and we will also caution you if there are contractors that may be trying to take advantage of your situation. Our only goal is to represent the public homeowner and business owner’s best interest. We care about or clients, we fight for our clients, and we have a track record of winning for our clients.

As soon as the loss occurs, call an Experienced Public Adjuster!