Independent Adjuster

What is an Independent Adjuster?

They work only for insurance companies. Typically they are hirer to do the field inspection for the insurance carrier. However, the majority of the time they have no decision making power over coverage and what they submit as their estimate is not always what a desk adjuster decides to pay you. Its a really unethical process in our opinion. During catastrophes these adjusters can be called Emergency Adjusters that come in from all other states with no understanding of the laws of the state you reside in. They do not know construction cost, building codes, or state statutes pertaining to 1st party property damage claims. They are also either paid a flat fee or a sliding scale fee but half of them barely know how to use the software xactimate. So they just do as many claims as possible based on volume and spend very little time inspecting your loss and writing a complete estimate. Some do not even get out of the car! Others will do a quick walk around the exterior when there is a hurricane claim but never come in your house or look in your attic for water damage or wind damage to your trusses or decking. These independent adjusters are buffers for the insurance carrier to use and attempt to escape liability for their shortfalls or they use them because they are completely understaffed or do not want to pay for employee benefits and what goes along with having employees. Very few insurance companies have company adjusters. That is why you MUST hire a Public Adjuster. I promise you that 99% of the time the field inspector or the desk adjuster either by an intentional act, incompetence, or pure laziness do not pay your claim fairly. The very few good independent adjusters that want to do the right thing will usually have desk adjuster that tells them what they can or cannot pay or write in their estimate or the desk adjuster will just completely change their estimate before paying the claim. We know because we know independent adjusters that have caught the desk adjuster in the act!

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