What Causes Water Damage In Your Home?

Water Damage can occur in not just your home but in your business? What are some of the causes of water damage?

Water damage can occur for a variety of reasons that you have no control over and some that you can work toward preventing. Excess water that suddenly exists in your home or business can come from pipes that burst, or a plumbing leak in your plumbing system, as well as from natural disasters such as storm surge, a hurricane or a flood. Household appliances with supply lines or discharge pipes or plumbing can cause water to build up in areas that might not be noticeable or so noticeable that you have your entire house covered with water.

When Septic tanks overflow and cause raw sewage to back up into your home you will suffer water damage typically considered a category 3 water loss however they are not always covered by insurance policies. However, typically if you have a blockage in a sewer line coverage may be granted. (Each insurance policy must be inspected by to determine coverages and exclusions) Bathtubs, shower pan, toilet wax seals, and showers can have covered sudden water losses or long term seepage losses that you may not have noticed right away. It also could come from poorly construction or maintenance wear and tear over time. No matter what causes the loss you may not just have a water loss but you have to assume you have mold damage either visible or hidden. Keep in mind that toilet bowl wax seal leaks are not common to see, but you will notice an odd or bad smell. And plumbing leaks can be slow and hidden and take time to show their damages and by the time you discover them the damage can be really extensive. Make sure you call a Public Adjuster who will work for you in order to have someone on your side in the fight you should inspect to have with your insurance company to get paid fairly on your water damage claim and mold damage claim.