How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Public Adjuster?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Public Adjuster?

The United States of America has different rules for Public Adjuster fees set by each state. Experienced Public Adjusters would just like to offer you one piece of advice that has been used for ages. “You get what you pay for!”

Just because a Public Adjuster company offers you a lower fee does not mean you will end up with more money in your pocket. We would tell you that usually, it would be the opposite. Quality and experienced professionals will charge a higher fee because they are experts at what they do and are able to maximize your settlement to make sure you are paid the fair amount. At the end of the day paying the higher fee will most likely leave more money in your pocket for the necessary repairs you need.

Some Helpful Tips:

  1. If a Public Adjuster comes to your home and starts writing his estimate the same day then he has not taken the time to investigate all aspects of your loss in order to make sure you are being paid all that is granted to you within your policy.
  2. If they try to settle a claim quickly then they are not effective negotiators.
  3. If they are not transparent and including you in on their email conversations with the insurance adjusters you may want to ask yourself, why not?
  4. There are many experts that may need to be brought in when investigating a claim. A Public Adjuster should know your policy inside and out. They should know if you need experts such as engineers, mold assessors, mold remediators, electricians, permits, building code upgrades, and much more.

There is nothing simple about any insurance claim. And every insurance claim is different. A good Public Adjuster has to put a strategy in place. Then it becomes a game of strategy to effectively investigate and negotiate the best possible outcome for their client. This takes time.

So if a Public Adjuster says he can settle your claim in 30 days or less then you should be very very cautious about hiring that person. Please do not decide to hire someone based on a percentage. Hire them by doing your research, checking reviews online, and asking for references.

Please use search engines like Google to search a Public Adjuster and check out their online reviews. Make the necessary reference calls.

And please don’t forget! You get what you pay for! So if some company makes you a low offer on their fee percentage you should ask yourself why they are so cheap. I promise you it is not because they are that good.

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