How Do I Find Out If My Tile Roof Is Manufactured Anymore?

Experienced Public Adjusters has the same access to the labs that Insurance Companies use to determine not only if the tile is still manufactured but also the ability to match a roof tile. We can get you these results within 2-3 days of hiring us to handle your insurance claim. Typically, if the tiles are not made anymore then it is only our job to prove that wind or hail caused the damage to one tile. Usually, this is determined by a Professional Engineer that we would bring in to provide his expert opinion. In Florida Specifically, there is a 25% rule that building code requires if there is 25% damage caused by a covered peril like wind or hail then they have to cover the entire roof. Most policies will have language that requires them to pay you to maintain the kind and quality and if you have one tile that is covered by wind and it can’t be matched by color or material as an exact match well then in most cases they owe you for the entire roof. Most people do not know this and think that it’s ok for an insurance company to put up 2 or 3 tiles that do not match especially in color to fix your roof. NO THAT IS NOT OK!

Also is you have an asphalt shingle roof and it may be old it was still covered by your insurance policy or they would have had to exclude it from your policy. So if the ability to repair a roof is no longer viable there is a test that can be performed to check the repairability of a roof. One of these tests that can be performed is a brittle test. If you can prove that the roof was damaged by a covered peril and the roof does not have the ability to be repaired then they have to and we will fight for them to replace your entire roof.

Call an Experienced Public Adjuster today if you have a Tile Roof claim from wind damage or hail damage! Hurricane-force winds will usually be the cause of the most amount of damage to a tile roof.

Has your barrel tile or roof been denied for construction defect, maintenance wear and tear, thermal expansion, foot traffic, or any other reason? We would love the opportunity to review your policy and review your partial denial or full denial letter. It is free for us to take a look to see what options you may have!

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