How Does A Public Adjuster Get Paid?

Is the fee a public adjuster charges the most important question you should be asking?

Before you ask how a public adjuster is paid it important to understand what a public adjuster does and how they benefit the private homeowner and business owner. A Public insurance adjuster only works for the private citizen and is not allowed to work for an insurance company. They are skilled negotiators that are experts in the field of insurance claims. They know exactly how to beat the insurance carriers at their own game, which is to try and in most cases severely underpay claims. They are companies that operate looking at their bottom line with only one goal to make a profit and to stay in business. A public adjuster is your best chance of getting a fair settlement from your insurance company.  They are highly trained, educated, bonded, and licensed by the state they are adjusting claims in!

Then you need to ask yourself, “Am I hiring the best public adjuster?” 

Please do your due diligence and research not only the firm but the public adjuster you hire. There are different calibers of Public Adjusters!. You need to look at their reviews online, see if they are a member of any public adjuster accredited associations, research their experience and continuing education courses they have been certified in completing. Lastly, meet with them face to face and see are do they seem like the type of person that is passionate about their job and loves to win! Then when you decide over a few percentage points of what contingency fee they charge you will realize you get what you pay for and the cheapest fee public adjuster is charging that lower percentage for a reason! Think about buying a Rolls Royce versus buying a KIA? No offense KIA but there is no comparison in materials, manufacturing, and overall quality, not to mention image.

I promise you to consider the individual and the company that supports them before making your decision on what fee is acceptable to you. I always tell people 20% of $1,000,000 dollars leaves you with $800,000 dollars. 10% of $250,000 dollars leave you with $225,000 dollars. So the question you need to ask yourself is this public adjuster going to earn a higher fee? Or do I want to take the risk of going with the cheapest public adjuster out there? What I can promise you is if a Public Adjuster has to drop his fee to earn business he is not very good at his job! (A Fee Cap or A Fee Limits differ by States for Public Adjusters)

Experienced Public Adjusters are extensively trained adjusters that know how to fight to win! Interview one of us and you will see the professionalism and passion that each and every one of us has to adjust insurance claims! We love what we do and we are great at it!

We are expanding currently to help the private homeowner and business owner throughout the entire United States of America!