Do You Need A Public Adjuster?

Do you need a Public Adjuster? Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Unless you are a public adjuster yourself or have been one in the past it is impossible for you to know the ins and outs of the insurance claims industry. We promise you that its a process set up by the insurance companies to stay profitable and to stay in business. At the least, you need a Public Adjuster to do a free onsite inspection of your home or business before filing an insurance claim. And if you already filed it then it’s free to have a Public Adjuster complete a free claim evaluation after inspecting your home and reviewing your claim documents. We can say with almost certainty that 99% of the time or more your claim has been underpaid or possibly denied unjustly. What can it hurt for us to look if it cost you nothing? If we think as Experienced Public Adjusters that we believe you were underpaid on your insurance claim then it’s free to pay us a percentage of whatever we can recover. The risk is on us because we only get paid if we get them to pay an additional supplement payment or multiple supplement payments on your insurance claim. And if your claim was denied then you have nothing to lose at all! All that being said, it is always best to not take any chances and have your insurance claim processed properly from the start. Hire an Experienced Public Adjuster to come out and evaluate the claim and then if we have earned your trust and right to represent you lets open the insurance claim together and let us take over the stress of the claims process. We are a team of adjusters with a passion for this industry and we do not like to lose!

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