How Do I File a Southern Fidelity Insurance Claim?

Southern Fidelity Insurance was founded in 2005, extending insurance services through independent agents throughout Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Southern Fidelity offers insurance products like home, dwelling fire, condominium, flood, and umbrella insurance. Their standard homeowner’s policies (HO-2, HO-3) protect your home and personal belongings. In case other persons are injured on your property, they protect you from any liability due to this occurrence.

Southern Fidelity also provides additional coverage for malfunctioning items like home usage electronics, personal computers, devices used for heating, cooling and security, and other gear used for gardens or swimming pools. They’ve joined hands with Identity Theft Fraud Solutions (ITFS) to provide cover, through their homeowner’s insurance policy, to protect people from falling prey to identity thefts. Southern Fidelity participates in the Write Your Own (WYO) platform for flood coverage through the National Flood Services Insurance Program (NFSIP). Since the standard homeowner’s policies do not cover flood damage, you need to purchase this separately.

How Do I File a Southern Fidelity Insurance Claim? Call Experienced Public Adjusters today for comprehensive assistance with your claim! No matter the damage, we help with it all, from water damage claims, electrical damage from lightning, or any other covered loss.

The claim process:

  • Once you’ve reported your claim, expect claims professionals to reach out to you to understand what has occurred and to inspect your damaged property.
  • Protect your property from any further damage, maintain receipts of repair expenses, and take photos, if possible. Speak to your company’s insurance adjuster before throwing away damaged stuff as you may need it to assess its value. 
  • The field adjuster will make a note of the damages, take photos, and submit a report of the inspection. 
  • The examiner will go through the field adjuster’s report along with the coverage mentioned in the terms of your insurance policy. Your claims payment will be made accordingly.

Southern Fidelity is in the insurance business to make a profit so the claims adjusters who work for them may try to underplay the damages as much as possible to reduce the claim payouts. Attributing the responsibility of the damage loss to negligence and normal wear and tear is the most common argument. The initial part of the claims process is the most important one, so be alert and make sure that you verify all facets of the claim. If you miss out on any vital information initially, it may become a reason for denial of your due claim by the insurance company. Therefore, before reporting your claim, do consider consulting a Public Adjuster who is licensed through the state department of insurance.

At Experienced Public Adjusters, we have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies like Southern Fidelity, so depend on us for the complete process. We review your policy, assess the damages, check the paperwork, bring in experts if required, and ensure that your final settlement is fair.

For the best advice and services to help you file Southern Fidelity Insurance claim, reach out to Experienced Public Adjusters.