How Do I File a Security First Insurance Claim?

Security First Insurance is the brain-child of Locke Burt, who was part of the Florida Senate in 1992 during Hurricane Andrew landfall. Hurricane Andrew is counted amongst the worst natural disasters to have struck the U.S., with more than $26 billion in insured losses. This affected the entire insurance industry adversely and also paved the way for Security First Insurance’s advent into the insurance business. Security First Insurance is based in Florida and offers homeowners, renters, and condo unit owners, standard dwelling fire insurance, and flood insurance coverage. 

Flexible federal laws coupled with technological advances aided Security First’s foray into the private flood insurance market. It offers an amalgamation of your wind damage policy with a flood coverage permitting one comprehensive deductible. It combines flood coverage with existing wind protection for one comprehensive deductible. They recently launched drone technology that allows them to conduct inspections in inclement weather and tricky areas where a roof could collapse. Security First claims to have enough reinsurance to withstand a hurricane twenty times the cost of  Hurricane Andrew!

The financial stability of a homeowner’s insurance company is measured in terms of reinsurance cover that they possess, especially in hurricane-prone Florida, where the claims are innumerable. 

Despite automation and online processes, any business, especially insurance that depends on inputs from Claim Adjusters, does have a downside. Security First is in the insurance business for profit, so it is in their interest to keep the claim settlements as low as possible. However, as you are the insured party who has suffered a loss due to natural or human disasters, you are fully within your rights to dispute their decision. During this period of stress, you need an ally, someone who will help you with the legalities and the negotiation – hiring a Public Adjuster is the solution. A Public Adjuster is a licensed professional with the state department of insurance whose sole purpose is to represent the public during an insurance settlement negotiation.

If you ever find yourself asking how do I file a Security First Insurance claim? Contact Experienced Public Adjusters and you won’t be disappointed. You will find out that we possess local knowledge, are well-versed in dealing with insurance agencies, and fully aware of the loopholes that prevent you from receiving your rightful settlement. Commencing with the claim documentation and decoding your policy document’s fine print to advising and getting experts to check the damage, until the final settlement, we are with you. What’s more, we see that you are informed at every step of the way and we provide all these services for a small portion of your settlement amount.

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