How Do I File a FedNat Insurance Claim?

In 2011, American Vehicle Insurance Company was merged with Federated National Insurance Company, which in 2018 came to be known as FedNat Insurance Company. FedNat offers property insurance through two other insurance companies- Monarch National in Florida and Maison Insurance company in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. Founded in 1992, FedNat Insurance Company specializes in homeowner’s insurance, high-value homes, condominium insurance, flood insurance, and umbrella liability insurance. 

Apart from the standard homeowner’s insurance, they have a product called StormPeace which is incremental hurricane protection. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in the middle of a hurricane, you are eligible to receive cash within 72 hours, albeit under certain specific conditions.  Also, the payment is directly proportional to the strength of the hurricane. Since this assistance is conditional, we cannot confirm its efficacy.

Their umbrella policy provides an additional liability limit over your personal insurance policies covering your auto, home, vessel, etc. However, it would be prudent to review the coverage carefully to prevent disputes at a later time.

FedNat has a preferred contractors’ list however since their loyalties lie with FedNat, it would be wise to hire a licensed third-party vendor of good repute or a Public Adjuster. You will observe that despite being one who has suffered, the complete onus is on you. Right from filing a claim, liaising with the insurance adjuster, taking photographs of damaged stuff, keeping an inventory, ensuring you have the proper coverage mentioned in your policy document, arranging for repairs, and finally chasing your insurance company for an equitable settlement. Instead, you could engage a Public Adjuster for a minimal fee and get rid of all this stress from your life! Public Adjusters are legally appointed and licensed by the state department of insurance to assist the public.

Insurance companies exist to make a profit, so at the end of the filing and negotiation process, your settlement amount may be lower than what is rightfully yours. At Experienced Public Adjusters, we negotiate the best possible settlement whether through consultation and mediation. Our objective is to ensure that your rightful claim is given to you in line with the coverage of your policy document.

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