How Do I File a Citizens Insurance Claim?

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation was established in 2002 by the Florida Legislature. It is a government entity that is exempt from tax and does not work for profit but for the common good. As a resident of Florida, you can find reasonably priced property insurance with Citizens in case private insurers have declined to insure your property. As a government body, they provide insurance which in turn helps the general public in getting their damaged properties reconstructed or repaired.

They offer standard coverages for personal and commercial policies. They also have several optional coverages for an extra payment like sinkhole loss coverage, personal property replacement cost, and increased limits for an ordinance. Citizens is active in fighting property insurance fraud and has created educational material including brochures as well as a Special Investigations Unit helpline for reporting insurance fraud.

The Property Insurance Clearinghouse is a platform for Citizens’ agents to find private insurance for consumers, and through the Depopulation Program, they work with other insurance companies who are keen to sell insurance policies to Citizens’ policyholders.

Citizens utilize the services of independent contractors for settling their claims, who may be more interested in their business than yours! It would be prudent to maintain all receipts and take photographs of the damage before and after any repairs so that you have evidence supporting your claim. Also, insurance companies including Citizens ensure that settlements are kept within certain limits. It is best for you to hire a Public Adjuster to help you with the claims. If there are disagreements between you, the insurer, and the claims adjuster, don’t feel pressured or obligated to agree with something you aren’t comfortable with. Speak first to your Public Adjuster who is licensed through the state department of financial services and is legally permitted to represent your case to the insurance company.

Beginning with the interpretation of the policy clauses, collecting appropriate documentation, ensuring proper evaluation of your assets, and liaising with your insurance claims adjuster to finally getting you an equitable settlement are some of the functions of a Public Adjuster. Hiring a public adjuster will reduce your stress and worry as they will deal directly with your insurance company.

If you ever find yourself asking how do I file a Citizens Insurance claim, contact Experienced Public Adjusters.