Chubb Masterpiece Claim

Many people opt to purchase insurance from Chubb when it comes to insuring their expensive homes and high-valued possessions. While it has been ranked ‘Superior’ in terms of financial strength by A.M. Best and offers premium home insurance to wealthy clients, its claims process is not appreciated by many customers.

Keeping in league with leading giants in the insurance world, Chubb Masterpiece offers a home protection policy that enhances the coverage provided by standard policies with services such as:

  • Paying beyond the policy limits – Chubb restores your home to the condition it was in before the damage, taking into account current building costs.
  • In case your property suffers a total loss, Chubb offers you the choice of taking cash in ‘lieu’ of repairs or replacement.
  • They make sure that you are booked at a hotel or a comfortable residence for the interim period that your home is not in a fit state to live in due to repairs.
  • Chubb will see to it that all the damaged items in your home, such as expensive appliances, cabinets, and other fixtures are replaced at today’s costs. They will be replaced without allowing for depreciation, up to the limit of the policy.
  • Risk Consulting. These services are free of cost. Experienced appraisers are available to advise you regarding the type of coverage you should take for your home.

They have a product called ‘HomeScan,’ which uses a camera to detect leaks, electrical faults, or gaps in insulations so that these problems may be addressed before they get worse.

Chubb Insurance has a claims process that promises to waive the deductible if the loss is greater than $50,000.

Like you, most of their policyholders are wealthy high premium paying customers, so you have high expectations in terms of a fair and quick turnaround of your claim. Once a claim is filed, they assign an examiner to your case who is your point of contact with the company. It is challenging to negotiate with these hardened professionals as they are not sympathetic to your loss. All insurance companies are in this business to make a profit so it is in their interest to settle claims for as little as possible. To ensure that you receive an equitable settlement from Chubb, you need to consult a Public Adjuster.

Like you, affluent clients are busy people who usually do not have the time nor the inclination to get into the nitty-gritty of insurance policy documents. Using this to their advantage, insurance claims adjusters look for loopholes to avoid admitting or paying your claim, whereas a Public Adjuster who has experience in dealing with insurance companies like Chubb, is working on your behalf. Public Adjusters are legal representatives, licensed by the state department of insurance, to ensure that the public receives a fair deal from insurance companies.

Filing a Chubb Masterpiece Claim

At Experienced Public Adjusters, we understand your needs, we are circumspect and safeguard your privacy. Even in huge insurance companies like Chubb, deciphering the policy language and matching the clauses corresponding to your claims can be exhausting and time-consuming. We exist to help you do just that! We represent your best interest and help you restore your property to pre-loss condition. If you need assistance with the online filing of claims or upload of documents, we do that too!

Contact us at Experienced Public Adjusters for expert resolution of a Chubb Masterpiece Claim!.