Flooding From Broken Pipes: Orlando

How do I prevent flooding from broken pipes in my home? What causes pipes to break?

Ignoring a broken pipe in your home is a potential minefield. Even though you have a homeowner’s insurance policy, regular maintenance of your plumbing system is key to preventing flooding from broken pipes. Studies show that a burst pipe is the second most-filed insurance claim in the U.S.

Why do pipes break?

Pipes usually break or develop cracks due to freezing, a sudden increase in water pressure, or falling apart due to corrosion. Sometimes valves or pipe joints get dislocated, which in turn affects the normal functioning of pipes. Often household gadgets like dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers that are connected to water pipes, may start malfunctioning and clog the pipes, thereby putting pressure on them. Besides this, if you inadvertently damage the pipe when digging your garden or cleaning, it may lead to a broken pipe.

When the water starts dripping, you will not be able to control its path, which will lead to untold damage to your precious home and personal belongings. Carpets, clothing, books, and precious artifacts may get spoiled. Dampness on your walls and ceiling can cause mold. You’ll need to read the small print on your homeowner’s insurance policy carefully to determine whether your home insurance includes only water damage due to a broken pipe or even includes repairing the broken pipe. Usually, water damage caused by a steady and gradual flow of water is not covered in a homeowners insurance policy. You will need to provide evidence that the broken pipe was accidental. Also, check if broken drainage pipes are included under the perils section of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Instead of getting bogged down by all these details while struggling to get your home liveable again, contact a public adjuster to assist you.

Experienced Public Adjusters is one of Orlando’s leading public adjusters, and you can rest assured that we will represent your best interests when filing an insurance claim. We are centrally located and easily accessible in case of an emergency. We have an extremely professional team, with years of experience in working with insurance companies. Past experience has taught us that insurance company adjusters will not go out of their way to help you. They use set guidelines when they fill out their inspection forms. For e.g., let’s say that the dial on your washing machine got stuck and tremendous steam started emanating from your washing machine while you were away at work. Your insurance adjuster denied your claim as it was ‘steam’ and not water that damaged your kitchen! Here, the services of a public adjuster come in handy.

Why choose us?

Experienced Public Adjusters is a reputed firm with an excellent track record. Our team of experts handles all types of insurance claims so they know how the insurance company works. Working closely with situations like yours, they know when to call in an expert, whether it is moisture mapping or remediation that is required. Leave everything in our able hands and be stress-free. For a small fee which is a percentage of your claim settlement, we ensure that we manage the complete claims process end-to-end.