Burst Pipe

Is a Burst Pipe or Plumbing leaks covered by insurance? Usually, if it is sudden and accidental. The repair of the pipe is not covered but the cost to access and repair the location to get to the pipe to repair is covered in most policies. It will also usually cover all the damages caused by the burst pipe.

Has your business or home suffered water damage a burst pipe?

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When damage happens, you do not have many options but to file an insurance claim? The process can be complex and overwhelming and it almost a guarantee you will be underpaid without having a Public Adjuster advocate on your behalf. Your insurance company’s adjuster works for the interests of their owners and stockholders, not yours. So, how can you make sure you get the insurance settlement you deserve? Your first call should be to Experienced Public Adjusters so we can advocate for you and we are a team of winners and with our experienced public adjusting team we fight to WIN. We are insurance claims experienced experts that have recovered millions of dollars for homeowners and business owners with property damages due to water damage, hurricane, mold, water, fire, vandalism, hail, lightning, and more. Let us fight for you and we promise you we will fight for every penny owed to you!


Residential or home burst pipe insurance claims and Commerical Burst Pipe Insurance Claims

Burst Pipes in homes and businesses account for approximately 33% of the causes of plumbing failures in the United States. Unlike frozen pipes that occur primarily in colder climates, which are caused by temperatures dropping which causes the freezing of water during these freezing temperatures in a specific section of the plumbing supply or discharge system. A burst pipe or pipe burst is caused due to the failures of the actual pipe itself. Anywhere in a business or home where there are pressurized plumbing lines a pipe burst or burst pipe can occur. This can also happen in a pipe in your concrete foundation and this is call and slab leak. Specifically, areas such as pipe above ceilings, inside of walls, kitchens plumbing, bathrooms pipes, and inside concrete floor slabs are most likely to be the location of burst pipes caused by the pressurized plumbing supply failures due to burst pipes. The damage of a residential burst pipe water loss is usually very extensive and can leave homeowners and business owners with the personal responsibility and extreme stress of being tasked with an extremely difficult situation which usually requires them to file an insurance claim. Water damage issues related to property damage insurance claims of items such as furniture, clothing, tile debonding, personal property, drywall, insulation, flooring or all types, cabinets, and possible all interior finishes (Paint, and Texture) are just a few of the many potential concerns one should have when a sudden and accidental loss occurs with burst pipe insurance claims. Having a Public Insurance Adjuster along with experts such as Water Restoration Technicians, Leak Detectors, and State Licensed Mold Assessors to properly identifying the cause of the water loss and location of the loss and provide detailed documentation and help you with your duty to mitigate a loss per policy language is crucial. 


Tips for homeowners after burst pipe Loss

  • Shut the water supply off immediately either at the valve or if necessary for the entire home which may require you to call your utility company. 
  • Determine by hiring an expert to determine if the home is safe for you and your family to enter. 
  • Hire an Experienced Public Adjuster immediately to document the loss and please take initial photos and create a detailed list of all damaged property. Do not throw anything out before the insurance company has a chance to view and document these items.
  • Never let a plumber do anything but stop the leak and make the repair. MAKE SURE The PLUMBER LEAVES THE PIPE BEHIND AS IT IS EVIDENCE FOR THE INSURANCE CLAIM TO BE EVALUATED AND COVERED. 
  • Find your full insurance policy that is current for that policy period or contact your insurance agent and ask for a full copy of your insurance policy and not just the declaration page. 
  • Immediately take action to do your duty to mitigate the loss from causing any further damage. 
  • Contact Experienced Public Adjusters for a Free Insurance Claim Consultation and Onsite Inspection immediately!
  • Provide prompt notice of loss to your insurance company after hiring one of our public adjusters filing an insurance claim. 
  • Your Public Insurance Adjuster or  Public Adjuster will develop a plan and insurance claim strategy with you and explain the process. 

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