WRT Certification

Why would someone want a WRT Certification?

Why would a homeowner or business owner want to make sure the mitigation and restoration company they hire has technicians with a WRT Certification?

WRT Stands for Water Restoration Technician.

It’s important fo the employee of a mitigation and restoration company to have this WRT Certification so they are considered trained and have some level of knowledge of what they are supposed to be doing to your home or business. There is no State License for this in the State of Florida so it’s important that you hire the right company with the right technicians.

An insurance claims process requires detailed documentation of a loss and usually on fire damage losses, and water damage losses you will have a mitigation and remediation company on your property almost immediately. So it’s crucial that they document and perform their duty properly for not just the mitigation of the damages of your home but to protect you in making sure everything is documented properly so that you can reach a fair claim settlement with your insurance company. We can tell you that is just the first step. The second step is to hire someone that is on your side and will advocate on your behalf against the for-profit insurance company. A Public Adjuster is that individual that will protect you and help you reach the fair settlement you deserve.

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