Water Damage Orlando

What do you do when you have water damage to your home or business in Orlando, Florida? First, you have a duty to mitigate your loss as a requirement in your insurance policy. Most of the time you will have to hire a water restoration company sometimes called a mitigation and remediation company.

Be careful about what company you hire and it’s not always a good idea to take the advice of someone recommended by your insurance company. They are not there to work on your behalf they are paid by the insurance company and they want to keep their contract or preferred vendor relationship with them. Always remember that insurance companies are privately owned or publicly traded and owned by stockholders and require to operate at a profit. So they have their guidelines in place to make sure they maintain profitability.

The best thing you can do before calling anyone else is to call a Public Adjuster which is a public servant that advocates for the insured and is licensed by the State Department of Insurance and regulated by The Department of Financial Services. They are paid a small percentage of your claim but we promise you that once you hire a Public Adjuster and let them handle the process from start to finish you will always use one again.

Experienced Public Adjusters has a team of highly trained and skilled adjusters ready to serve you and your family’s best interests. They will make sure the loss you suffered is documented and estimated properly to make sure you get paid the insurance settlement you deserve.

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