When Does Florida Get Hail Storms

When does Florida get hail storms? When should you expect hail damage to your home?

According to www.weather.gov the most common months that Florida will have hail storms are typically May, June, July, and into August. These storms can cause extensive damage to your home and your business. In most cases, you will need to file an insurance claim in order to bring your house back to its pre-loss condition. For-profit insurance companies are not known to pay insured fairly and homeowners and business owners do not usually have enough money to pay to put their homes and business back to their original pre-storm conditions. Insurance adjusters are not General Contractors and are usually inexperienced and do not know the local building code requirements and permitting requirements. This is why you need to hire a public adjuster for a free claim evaluation. And not just any public adjuster, you need to hire an Experienced Public Adjuster that knows the local permitting and building codes and has a team to support their estimate of the damages when they are detailing the loss and providing an estimate to the insurance carrier of the damages.

Property Damage Can Occur From Hail Storms

Be prepared for May Hail Storms, June Hail Storms, and July Hail Storms! And be ready to call us to come out to your property to evaluate your hail damage claim immediately. It is essential that you let a Public Adjuster be involved from the start of the claim to advocate for you before you call in a claim. Most insurance companies will rush out to your property and issue payment meeting the only time requirement of paying or denying your claim within 90 days under Florida Statute. Once they issue this payment it makes it very difficult for a homeowner, business owner, and public adjuster to get them to re-evaluate the loss and pay it fairly.

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Check out this Informative PDF from Weather.Gov about how severe hail storms are predicted by meteorologists.

If you think you have hail damage then you need to call an Experienced Public Adjuster for a Free Onsite Evaluation.


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