The Outcome of The 2020 Legislative Session

There is good news and bad news

The bad news is that the Flores amendment did not pass today. It would have removed the arbitrary and very anti-consumer water loss coverage gap language as well as a proposed further limitation on notice requirements of two years
(currently 3 years) for hurricane claims.

The good news is that the FAPIA Ambassadors did make a difference. Dozens of you wrote and called into the legislators on the appropriations committee. Your efforts combined with effective public testimony, and our beefed-up lobby presence with their skillful behind the scenes negotiations, turned the tide. There was a lot more discussion about consumers at this appropriations committee meeting than we have ever heard before (thank you, Ambassadors!).

The amendment sponsor, Senator Keith Perry, filed his own strike all amendment removing the troubling anti-consumer water loss coverage gap language. His strike all did not remove the reduced notice requirement from 3 years to 2 years for first notice hurricane claims. However, it removed language that would have included even supplemental claims in the 2-year notice requirement.

This means that supplemental claims will NOT be subject to the 2-year notice requirement.

It will be more important than ever for policyholders to retain professional representation and to make sure their claims are timely filed in order to avoid an unfair limit on their ability to recover from the policy they purchased. These bills have not yet passed. They will still need to be heard on both the House and Senate floors. Once any new laws are passed, we will let you know immediately.

This isn’t over until it’s over and we are keeping a watchful eye for any sneak attacks on insured Floridians and the professionals who represent them.

FAPIA Ambassadors made a difference.

Each of you who answered the call to action truly helped turn the tide today. We truly really appreciate it. This is pretty much the last week of the legislative session. We continue to monitor all bills and amendments and will keep you all informed about any new developments that you need to know about.

We may need to ask for your help again and we know that the FAPIA Ambassadors will come through when the going gets tough!