What is a 1st Party Claim?

Why should you hire a public adjuster? Why would you hire a public adjuster over a contractor or an attorney?

Well first off a Contractor does not have the legal right in many states especially Florida to effectively negotiate the settlement of a claim with an insurance company. It can be a 3rd-degree felony (Florida) for a contractor to attempt to act in the capacity of a Public Adjuster or an Attorney that also has this right.

Now, why should you hire a Public Adjuster over an Attorney? We are the best possible individuals at identifying damages, documenting your loss, and also properly estimating your damages. Remember, attorneys have one goal and that is a successful outcome and in for example the State of Florida the prevailing party statute allows attorneys to recoup all of their taxable cost and hourly rates for their work performance if they are successful at winning even just $1 dollar at trial. Public Adjusters have a vested interest in legally and ethically fighting for the most amount of money potentially owed to you on an insurance claim and they know how to tie all the supporting documents together to compile all the supporting facts and opinions to get you the most detailed estimate of your loss to maximize your possible outcome. Now we will tell you that hiring a Public Adjuster and a Law Firm at the same time is not an option to not consider. For example in Florida with the prevailing parties statute, there are some law firms that will not touch any of your settlement money as you are already paying a fee to your public adjuster as a percentage of what they recover. Good Law firms will work with a Public Adjuster or Public Adjusting firm to help in filing civil remedy notices (Florida Specifically) and offer free counsel and if an impasse is reached then they already have the claim file and are caught up as they have been observing the insurance claim from the very beginning. But remember it is our duty to advise our clients that they have the right to always seeks legal counsel and who they hire is always their decision and that is the same when it comes to assessors, contractors, or experts, as required sometimes during the claims process. We always believe that an individual or individuals that own the home or business if they have the option of time should always wait till they have a final settlement before interviewing contractors to rebuild their home. They have to know how much money they have to work with before they can discuss the scope of the repairs. It’s also important to have the money in your control at all times to be able to control the quality of work and to make sure the work is done 100% to your satisfaction before making the final payment. If you hire someone in advance of settlement and in some states they allow for what is called a full assignment of benefits directs the funds directly to the contractor and then not only do you not have control over the quality of work and to the speed, it gets completed but you have to pay your public adjuster.

first-party property insurance claim is one that you file with your own insurance company because you suffered damage to your own home or business or yacht. A third party insurance claim is one that you file with the insurance company of another entity or person, such as a business or a condo association where you have to go after the master policy. The type of insurance claims you should file depends on who was responsible for the damages. Now of course this is a reference to property damage claims only. And I am not discussing personal injury and or property damage to vehicles. Even though we do handle claims for luxury jets, commercial jets, and yachts.

Public Adjuster in the State of Florida and from what I know in all states are not allowed to get involved with 3rd party liability claims as that would be considered practicing law without a license.

Who is the best public adjuster? Our reviews from our clients will show you that Experienced Public Adjusters is one of the best if not the best team of public adjusters and the best Florida Public Adjusting firm. Please give any of our offices in Florida and throughout the United States a call and we will attempt to conference you into the closest available experienced public adjuster or we promise to get you a call back within 30 minutes.

Experienced Public Adjusters is expanding all over the United States and we were founded in Orlando, Florida. So we have our corporate headquarter in Orlando, Florida located near the downtown area of the City of Orlando. We also have offices now in Downtown Orlando near Orlando City hall and the government buildings, we have an office in Downtown Tampa in walking distance to Tampa City hall and the government buildings, and our newest office is in Ft. Lauderdale right in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale near Ft. Lauderdale City hall and the government buildings. We also have offices in Merritt Island, Baldwin Park Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Naples, Florida located in Collier county.

We pride ourselves on being a higher level of skilled, educated, and trained public adjusting firms. We have weekly zoom training company-wide to increase the skill set and education or all our adjusters and staff. We share during these calls best practices or changes in the industry that we are seeing to keep all of our adjusters abreast of the ever-changing insurance claims industry and the tactics the insurance carrier is using to look for new reasons to deny or not pay claims fairly. There are very few insurance claims if any that do no in our opinion require the use of a Public Adjuster. We are not only skilled at identifying damages but at understanding what pre-loss condition is and what is available to you within your insurance policy. You can hire the best general contractor in the world and unless they are experts like we are when it comes to insurance claims our estimates I promise you will be tremendously different. They may look at something and say that can be touched up or repaired when we know that your policy gives you the right to have it removed and replaced in order to bring it back to pre-loss condition.

If you have any type of residential or commercial insurance claim we would ask you to allow us to be interviewed for the right to represent you and allow us as early as possible to come onsite and examine the damages and the claim and compare it with your insurance policy to give you a free evaluation of what your potential claim is, what the arguments for coverage are and what the carrier may argue to deny coverage. We have worked on and had million-dollar settlements on famous architects (James Roger Gamble the 2nd) built homes from the early 20th century in Winter Park, Florida, and luxury homes and mansions owned by some very famous professional sports players. We protect our client’s privacy and at their request sign a confidentiality agreement after offering it if they require we do so in order to provide our clients the respect and privacy high-net-worth clients and famous clients deserve. We can also give you a full picture of what may be potentially covered by someone who knows State Statutes, Local and State Building Codes, Permitting Requirements, Local Construction Costs, Current Case Precedents (We are not an attorney but a good adjuster stays educated about the changes in court rulings that may benefit a client when opening or fighting and already opened claim.) and most importantly he coverage granted to you in your policy (This included the coverages, coverage limits, exclusions to coverages, and endorsements.)

Our team is the hardest working, transparent, and passionate team of public adjusters in the insurance claims industry. We have quality controls at the corporate office to check on the level of quality each and every one of our clients are receiving. The one thing Owner, David Dwyer will not tolerate is any of his adjusters not acting with ethics and integrity, fighting your claim with the same type of passion and desire to win as he would handling every claim and full transparency during the claims process. We believe and you can read our core values and our mission statement. What he will guarantee is that he heavily involved in the training process, the weekly training meetings, strategy sessions on claims, and is always available to all his clients no matter how many hundred or thousands of clients his team of claims adjusters may have. Upon assuming the great responsibility that you granted us when you enter into an agreement with us you will always receive a welcome email on his behalf that provides you David Dwyer’s contact information and personal cell phone. Our corporate office will make courtesy calls throughout the claims process to check to see if you are getting the level of customer service we pride ourselves on, and at the end of the claim, we will review with you not only how you feel we performed for you but if there are any suggestions you may have to improve our company now or in the future.

And ask any Public Adjuster you may also want to interview if they have their “Negotiation Mastery” certificate from Harvard University that David Dwyer received and completed at the top of his class in 2019. And he of course shares this negotiation training with all his employees. We search for public adjuster with special skill sets that complement the entire team. We have a large loss adjuster that worked as a project manager and consultant with a degree in construction management who has built some of the most famous luxury mansions in New York and California. He has also worked on large commercial projects and skyscraper building during his career before becoming an Experienced Public Adjuster. We hand select each adjuster for special skill sets and education to better the team as a whole. We pride ourselves that we treat each client and represent their insurance claim as “One Company, and One Team,” to make sure they have the full support of our company behind them when going into a claim. No individual ever hires one adjuster at Experienced Public Adjusters they hire our company as a whole to give them a team of experts and experienced adjusters to help them reach their desired financial outcome that we make sure is within the law and policy language to seek damages for each individual claim.

We ask you to interview public adjusting firms and do your research online before hiring us. We believe that you will draw the conclusion that we are the best possible representatives to be your fiduciary agents in helping you maximize your insurance claim settlement and be treated fairly. We only have one client when taking over a claim and that client is you! We are not here to make friends with the insurance company or their adjusters. We have one purpose and that to represent you to the best of our ability and never settle a claim for less than you deserve!