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What is a public adjuster Daytona Beach?

Who is the best public adjuster or adjusting firm to hire?

Experienced Public Adjusters is a company based in Orlando, Florida with a satellite office in Daytona Beach and we have local adjusters that reside or work in the Volusia County market and we are the highest reviewed Daytona Beach Public Adjusters. Our skill set and teamwork together as one unit giving you the full weight of our entire company to help you with your claim. We are highly trained and skilled at what we do and as the highest 5-star review public adjusting firm in Florida and definitely in Daytona Beach, Florida. We also cover the entire I-4 corridor from Tampa to Orlando and Orlando to Daytona Beach. David Dwyer, Owner, and Public Adjuster establish this company to instill as a set of core values so that all of my adjusters have the highest integrity and ethics.

We specialize in all insurance claim types! This includes residential homes, luxury homes, commercial homes, and yes have now included taking on Yacht claims and Private Jets. Water damage claims are something we specialize in. They are almost half of every claim filed each year.

The claim types such as pipe leaks, plumbing accident losses, pipe burst, slab leaks, wax seals, house floods, slab pipe leaks, or pipe burst. You name it and we are highly skilled at being your fiduciary representative and helping you recover every dollar owed to you by your insurance carrier.

We care about our clients, we fight for our clients, and we have a winning success rate at beating for-profit insurance companies.

Did you know you can look back 5 years at claims and they can be reopened if we discover they have underpaid your claim? It never hurts to let us take a no-cost look at your correspondences, estimates, and insurance checks.

Give us a call and we will no matter what provides guidance and provide free advice.

Experienced Public Adjusters_Daytona Beach Public Adjusters
140 South Beach Street Suite 310
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
We have some local competitors in the area. We welcome you to interview us all. I think after you listen to us you will know that we are the company you need to represent you in your claim.
Some of our competitors are:
All American Public Adjusters which is a small operation that works from their home.
Trust Public Adjusting Group does not seem to have a real office but if they can prove otherwise we will be happy to take down this comment.
First Call Public Adjusters LLC is also a small operation with most likely one adjuster as google has their image of the location of the office as a private home.
Never settle for a second-best public adjuster! Hire a team of Experienced Public Adjusters, Florida premier firm throughout almost the entire State of Florida.
Also if you have water damage and water intrusion from hail or wind claim we are also experts and identifying, and documenting, photographing, and negotiating any type of water damage adjusts. We know when it is time to involve engineers and mold hygienists. Do you think you are the young field adjuster in most cases will not even know the building code or how to watch or proform and brittle test. We at all costs try to avoid litigation but there is always the possibility of litigation. Se we build a case and make all correspondences from the insurance companies. We do this so if you have to end up using an attorney to seek the full amount of your damage we are able to hand them an expert and experienced adjusters file!
We have settled insurance claims well over a million dollars and multi-millions in smaller claim losses. We start the claim for you and finish the insurance claim for you!
Call us at (386) 777-2882 (We are open 25 days a week/7 days a year.